General Knowledge Questions (167)

  1. What sort of bird is a coot: Aquatic; Burrowing; Flightless; or Featherless?
  2. The web-based not-for-profit venture which compiles and freely offers vast numbers of documents and literary works is called Project (what?): Gutenberg; Caxton; Shakespeare; or Murdoch?
  3. A traditional hoy boat is powered by: Wind; Steam; Horse; or Solar-power?
  4. The modern internet grew from a non-public US Defense system called: Usdweb; Arpanet; Denet; or Deweb?
  5. What widely referenced cosmetic surgery method contains the Greek word for fat?
  6. What word, deriving from centuries-old papal custom, refers to favouring/favoring relatives in awarding responsibility and authority?
  7. The English word Parliament derives from what foreign word-meaning: Men; Speak; Govern; or Vote?
  8. As at 2011 how many countries of the world criminalize homosexuality: 23; 34; 47; or 82?
  9. (Supplementary question) As at 2011 how many countries which criminalize homosexuality are in the British Commonwealth: none; one; six; or 40?
  10. (Supplementary question) In what year did the UK decriminalize homosexuality: 1816; 1882; 1909; or 1967?
  11. What in Spanish what does the song-title, 'Que Sera, Sera,' mean (loosely, not grammatically correctly): Whatever you want, you want; Wherever you go, you go; Whatever will be, will be; or Whoever you are, you are?
  12. The computer file format .wav ('dot-wav') is conventionally used for: Spreadsheets; Music/audio; Emails; or Telecoms?
  13. Spell Amsterdam's airport: Schiphol; Skiffol; Sczivol; or Schifol?
  14. John Le Carré's 1974 novel title did not include which two words: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Thief, Spy?
  15. What, in 2010, was Pope Benedict reported to have described as an "...expression of the gift of oneself to God and others..": Charity work; Parenthood; Celibacy; or Masturbation?
  16. The posting of offensive messages on the internet is informally called: or Slapping; Bugging; Monstering; or Trolling?
  17. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and General Dynamics are notable corporations in what sector: Pharmaceuticals; Armaments; Computer games; or Cinematic production?
  18. What is the currency of Brazil: Peso; Real; Dollar; or Dinar?
  19. Political and economic leaders are often described as being what, according to having aggressive or cautious views: Lions/Rabbits; Hawks/Doves; Stags/Beavers; or Foxes/Hens?
  20. What is a Gilbert Virtuo: Gin cocktail; Machine gun; Lawn mower; or Rugby ball?

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