Derivations quiz - expressions origins puzzle

Derivations quiz - expressions origins puzzle

derivations quiz [edit]

expressions origins puzzle

You can use this expressions origins puzzle to illustrate the ever-changing complexity of language and communications, for a competitive team building game or exercise quiz, or as light relief in a training session or meeting.

What are the original meanings or derivations of the following words and expressions?

  1. scuba (diving)
  2. biscuit (snack food or cookie)
  3. sold down the river (exploited or betrayed for profit)
  4. put a sock in it (shut up)
  5. red tape (bureaucratic obstruction)
  6. hip hip hooray (three cheers)
  7. hat-trick (three scores/wickets/wins)
  8. velcro (cloth fastener)
  9. bury the hatchet (agree to stop arguing)
  10. scot free (escape without punishment)