• Leading Teams

    Workplaces are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, and leaders need to adapt to this. It is a challenge to lead a single team effectively, but what about leading different types, including remote/virtual teams? All questions will be answered in this course, which outlines the challenges and solutions to leading different teams and individuals. Teamwork, coordination and motivation will be at the forefront, but other aspects of leadership will also be discussed in detail, such as performance management, delegation and conflict resolution.

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    The Johari Window

      • Different Types of Team - (2)

        This section will aim to educate you on the different types of team, and how to lead and draw together people of different social or educational backgrounds to maximise workplace performance.

      • Leading High-Performing Teams - (5)

        This section will focus on the topic of leading and managing high-performing teams or team members through a number of techniques.

      • Teamwork and Co-operation - (14)

        This section focusses on the aspects of teamwork and co-operation required to maintain a functional and high-performing team.




          The GRPI Model


          Building Trust


          Team Exercises


          The JD-R Model


          Creating a Learning Team


          Video: Build a Tower, Build a Team


          Video: Building Trust

      • Shared Objectives - (1)

        This section focusses on the idea of shared objectives in a workplace -  getting team members to commit to a number of mutual goals.


          Team Contracts

      • Allocating, Directing and Co-ordinating Work Activities - (14)

        This section focusses on the allocation and co-ordination of work activities, including delegation and management of specific tasks suited to different team-members.

      • Motivating the Team - (5)

        This section focusses on motivational theory and how to improve performance and drive across the group within the workplace.

      • Appraising Performance - (7)

        This section focusses on the processes of review and management of performance, and how to act to appraise high-performing individuals and teams.

      • Dealing with Problems and Conflict - (1)

        This section will focus on how to deal with problems within a team, and how to handle conflict resolution scenarios and difficult conversations.

      • Team Dynamics - (3)

        This section will focus on the topic of team dynamics and relationships within the workplace - how to utilise these to achieve maximal performance.

      • Leading Remote/Virtual Teams - (1)

        This section focusses on the challenges of leading virtual and remote teams - a topical discussion in the 21st-century business.

      • Additional Resources - (2)

        This section contains additional resources to support the Leading Teams information available across this course.
      • End of Course Quiz - (1)

        This section contains the end of course quiz - a test to review the progress and knowledge you gained.


          Leading Teams Quiz