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    Leadership is more about change, inspiration, setting the purpose and direction, and building the enthusiasm, unity and 'staying-power' for the journey ahead. Management is less about change, and more about stability and making the best use of resources to get things done.


      Explore the main differences between Leadership and Management, including styles, models and philosophies. Develop an understanding of their key characteristics.


      From entrepreneurs and start-ups, to experienced businesspeople - individuals always mistake leadership for management. This can be harmful to your results - watch this video from the Big Think to find out why, and how to remedy this.


      Professor of Leadership at the Harvard Business School, John Kotter points out that in today's business world there is too much management and not enough leadership. Both are incredibly important, but in a rapidly changing world, great leadership is invaluable. He argues that if organizations do not recognize this fact, they risk sinking into complacency and achieving little.