Situational/Contingency Model: An Overview

An overview of Situational/Contingency models of leadership, their core beliefs and why they are important for leaders.

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Situational/Contingency Models [edit]

This sub-group of leadership models - which might be called 'situational' or 'contingency' leadership models - are based on an important assumption, that:

There is not one single ideal approach to leading because circumstances vary.

So, situational leadership theory says, effective leaders must change their behaviour according to the situation.

These particular 'situational' or 'contingency' models offer a framework or guide for being flexible and adaptable when leading.

There are several models in this sub-group, so it is helpful to list them again:

N.B. When we use the word 'situational' in the sense of referring to this sub-group of models it is with a lower case 's'. This is because the Situational Leadership model(s) of Hersey and Blanchard are proprietary brands, properly shown with the registered trademark identifier, i.e., Situational Leadership®.