• Coaching and Mentoring

    This course will provide learners with an understanding of coaching and mentoring in the workplace, as well as various coaching models, and how to use it to maximise results and the personal and professional development of their employees.

  • Motivation and Improving Workplace Performance

    This course will educate leaders on motivational theory, and how to engage their workforce in order to gain the maximum possible benefits and productivity from the team.

  • Organisational Culture

    Organisational culture is invaluable with regards to leadership and management. This course will discuss corporate governance and its ethical impacts and implications on society and team dynamics.

  • Equality and Inclusion

    Equality, diversity and inclusion are invaluable - both in everyday life and in the workplace. This course will educate you on how to maximise the benefits of highly diverse teams, whether that be age, ethnicity, gender or purely points of view.

  • Leading Teams

    This course will help you apply leadership styles and skills to leading a variety of teams, including handling multiple teams at once, or even handling them remotely. 

  • Leadership Styles

    This course outlines numerous leadership styles, providing you with all the knowledge required to identify the style which is most suitable for yourself as a leader. 

  • Leadership Models

    This course outlines numerous leadership models such as: Trait-Based leadership models.; Behavioural Ideals' leadership models; Situational (or Contingency) leadership models; and Functional types of leadership models. 

  • Leadership Philosophies

    This course outlines a variety of leadership philosophies, providing you with all the knowledge and context required to identify which is most suitable for yourself as a leader. 

  • Organisational Governance