Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Quiz Answers

Maslow's Hierarchy Needs Quiz Answers (400)

  1. Abraham Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory explains: Negotiation; Marketing; Motivation; or Parenting? Motivation
  2. Abraham Maslow's original 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory comprises how many stages: Three; Four; Five; or Twelve? Five
  3. Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory is commonly represented as a: Matrix; Pyramid; Spiral; or Venn diagram? Pyramid
  4. Which one of these is not a main heading 'need' within the Maslow 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory: Safety; Esteem; Belongingness & Love; or Money? Money
  5. The highest 'need' in Maslow's original 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory is: Self-Actualization; Control; Power; Leadership? Self-Actualization
  6. Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory was developed: 1720-30; 1875-84; 1943-54; or 1992-1998? 1943-54
  7. Complete Maslow's famous quote: "I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a (What?)": Computer; Bell; Nail; or Bump in the carpet? Nail
  8. The first and lowest main 'need' in Maslow's 'Hierachy of Needs' theory is: Love; Biological & Physiological; Safety; or Sugar? Biological & Physiological
  9. Which one of these classical management theorists addresses radically different matters to Abraham Maslow: Douglas McGregor; Frederick Herzberg; JS Adams; or Warren Buffett? Warren Buffett (an economics expert, whereas the others are motivational theorists)
  10. Abraham Maslow's early research concerned the study of the behavior/behaviour of: Rhesus monkeys; Fruit flies; Aerodynamics; or Cheese? Rhesus monkeys
  11. Which two of these 'needs' were subsequently added/interpreted into Maslow's original 'Hierarchy of Needs' concept: Technology; Cognitive; Aesthetic; Health; or Body-language? Cognitive and Aesthetic
  12. Abraham Maslow's seminal book introducing the 'Hierearchy of Needs' is called: The Customer is King; Motivation and Personality; Who Dares Wins; or How to Make a Baby? Motivation and Personality (first published 1954)
  13. Which one of these does not appear in Maslow's 'Esteem' category of needs: Achievement; Status; Responsibility; Reputation; or Marriage? Marriage (Marriage does not appear significantly or clearly in the HofN concept, and interestingly could be argued to be within several main needs, depending on individual meaning/interpretation, e.g., part of Safety, and/or Belongingness & love, and/or Esteem)
  14. Which one of these does not appear in Maslow's 'Safety' category of needs: Protection; Security; Order; Weaponry; or Law? Weaponry (weaponry does not feature within the HofN concept, although 'the right to bear arms' might arguably be considered part of the Safety main need - and interestingly owning expensive shotguns or ancient collectible crossbows might be considered part of satisfying Esteem needs; or possessing high quality sporting archery equipment might be part of a higher need for personal fulfilment within self-actualization)
  15. Which one of these does not appear in Maslow's 'Biological & Physiological' category of needs: Air; Food; Shelter; Sleep; or Money? Money
  16. Which one of these does not appear in Maslow's 'Belongingness and Love' category of needs: Family; Affection; Relationships; Workgroup; or Punishment? Punishment(Punishment does not appear in the HofN as any sort of need)
  17. According to Abraham Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory, generally 'needs' must be satisfied: All together; Randomly; In ascending order; or In descending order? In ascending order (note that this is a general rule - it is not absolute and is subject to mixtures of needs and movements within the general ascending concept)
  18. The highest-order need added/interpreted/implied within Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' is: Transcendence; Magnificence; Omnipotence; or Penitence? Transcendence(equating broadly to helping others to self-actualize)
  19. Our understanding of which one of these is not generally assisted by Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory: Managing people, Self-development; Sales & marketing; Job interviewing; Training & development; or Purchasing? Purchasing
  20. Put these 'needs' in low-to-high order according to Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory: Achievement; Affection; Law; Personal growth; Sleep? Sleep; Law; Affection; Achievement; Personal growth (respectively within the main need headings: Sleep is in Biological & Physiological, Law is in Safety, Affection is in Belongingness and Love, Achievement is in Esteem, and Personal growth is in Self-actualization)

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