• Allergy Awareness

    Food allergies are really serious and people with them can die. Did you know there are 14 major food allergies? Food allergens can cause life-threatening reactions and ailments in people that could be avoided by knowing what to look for. Allergens need to be mentioned on labels or menus, but if you are not aware of which foods they are in and they are given to a person with an allergy then this could cause serious risk which could leave them with physical and emotional trauma.

  • Control of Cross Contamination

    Remember that scene in Ghostbusters when Egon warned Pete not to cross the energy streams that they used to hoover up ghosts? It was only a small thing, but it could have led to disastrous consequences. In the world of food safety, we’re not talking about energy streams but a contaminant-infested equivalent. If you cross-contaminate, you’re liable to unleash something even more deadly than the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. It’s no laughing matter.

  • Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 (Overview)

    Food… Mmm! If we’re not eating it, we’re preparing it, or simply thinking about it! Whether that’s planning the evening meal, or trying to stick to a diet, we just can’t get enough of food! As you can imagine, it’s big business. In the food industry, ensuring anything destined for human consumption is safe is the only way of staying above the law, so knowing how to do that is vital.