Life Skills

This category will segment activities outside work into course topics that people spend most of their time pursuing. Most activities outside of work can fall into one of the three courses of health, wealth or relationships. A lot of people want a work-life balance, and this category aims to provide ideas and activities to do outside of work that can enrich your life as a whole.

The health course will contain useful information regarding health, ranging from diet and eating well to posture and exercise. The course will also give information on other activities outside work such as instruments and dance. There is an increasing focus on work life balance in organisations, and this course aims to provide ideas for activities to either do or learn about outside work.

The wealth course covers everything related to skills and knowledge both related to and unrelated to careers. This will focus on improving general knowledge and useful skills that people can learn to become more effective either outside or within their working environment. Also included are recommended books and materials for further development and inspirational ideas.

The relationships course will provide content on the importance of strong relationships in personal life, but also the importance of a supportive network in business. Relationships are often underestimated but they are profoundly important as people become busier, and the course aims to highlight how relationships can improve your life and also your business.

The course on entertainment will provide a bank of puzzles and games and inspirational quotes to browse for personal use or for icebreakers in team projects. They are free to use for any event that you can fit them in

The glossaries and terminology provides lists of words ranging from business terms to the phonetic alphabet and slang. This can act as a word finder for specific business terminology that one has encountered during the day, while reading content on this site.

Free online Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing information and tips. We always welcome new content from Lifestyle coaches, and if you are a thought-leader in this field please do contact us at about anything you think would benefit the site, or that you would like published. 

This course aims to provide learners with a better understanding on how to develop relationships.

This course aims to provide learners with an exposure to business and other terminology 

This course aims to provide learners with more ideas for games they can use in different scenarios.

This course will provide learners with a better idea of the importance of sustainability and the impact businesses can have on the environment. It also covers lifestyle and design. 

This course will provide learners with the most cutting edge ideas in various trending business topics.

Resources to grow your career.