The overall aim of the category is to equip future leaders with the knowledge to become more confident and perform better in their positions. 

The category includes topics and content that compose the management apprenticeship courses. The category is organised so that the courses are segments that form the qualification, and the topics within each course contain content about what is required to be learned. Therefore, understanding the content is this category well prepares you to gain a qualification in leadership and management.

Building relationships describes best practice to develop relationships in your team but also with supervisors, managers and stakeholders. It is divided into essential traits, including emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills.

Awareness of self is a course designed to increase understanding of yourself and the impact of your personality on the team.

Management of self is designed to develop your own personal contribution to the team through time management techniques and taking charge of your own personal development.

Leading people aims to provide techniques to improve leadership ability, as well as translating the culture of your organisation through your leadership.

The objective of the building relationship course is improve the team dynamic and create a stronger relationships within the team.

The Coaching and Mentoring course is more specifically designed to develop your team and positively affect their personal development to be a more effective member.

Teams is designed to specifically monitor and improve the performance of your team through both their individual performance, but also the performance of the team as a whole.

Performance management aims to provide techniques to track the progress of your teams performance and identify any issues that may arise.

The course on communication will develop the ability to convey a message accurately and clearly to avoid confusion and delays with team projects.

Problem solving and decision making will provide tools to critically assess data and and analyse information to make informative decisions.

Strategy and Innovation is a course that delivers established frameworks that can be adapted to strategically navigate a competitive landscape.

Change management will give learners a better understanding of methods involved to smoothly facilitate and implement change in the organisation.

Project management gives learners skills and techniques to successfully oversee and manage projects from conception to completion.

Finance aims to give learners the fundamentals of financial data and how to track cash flow and manage the budget to avoid falling short of financial targets.

Thought leaders is an extra category outside the management apprenticeship modules that gives learners additional resources to access cutting edge research and thoughts on each topic to stay ahead of the game.