This category aims to provide learners with a better commercial awareness and business acumen. Any learner at work involved in a specific department will either be able to further their education and learn something new within their specific field, or better understand a different field that they may closely with.

The first course is about customer centricity and managing and improving the relationship with customers to develop loyalty and market share.

Sales and marketing will provide excellent tips and techniques improve the sales and marketing team to grow business and get the word out there.

The legal course will give learners downloadable contract templates and other resources that may be helpful when approaching a legally binding project.

Procurement will give ideas on buying techniques and how to obtain quality goods and services.

The course on Environment will aim to highlight the importance of sustainability, and the company's responsibility to recognise its efforts towards it.

Business start-up course will give advice and access to resources to start up owners or employees with the objective of helping them grow their business by providing maximum value to customers and retaining them for future business.

Quality management will give learners information about best practice when monitoring the quality of production of goods and delivery of services.

Corporate governance will provide information on the system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled.

The Design course will help with those who need to design a logo or product to keep up to date with current trends and styles.

Facilitation and workshops will help those who need to take full day workshops and maximise the learner value and attention during the day.

Human resource training will give resources and downloadable content to develop the dynamic of the workforce and resolve employee related issues.

This course will provide learners with the ideas to help run workshops or meetings to maximise engagement.

This course will provide learners with an idea of building a company from the ground up and the challenges involved.

This course will provide learners with an improved understanding of how to manage customer relationships for more successful business.

This course will provide learners with ideas and suggestions for the best methods and techniques for buying products and services they need. It also covers basic legal considerations. 

This course will provide learners with more tools and ideas to explore different sales and marketing techniques.

Resources to grow your career.