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      • Job Statistics - (5)

        In this section, you will find demographic and other career-related statistics to aid you in your job search.

      • Job Hunting & Career Planning - (7)

        This section contains information and resources to help you plan your career based on interests, qualifications and other factors to find the role which is perfect for you.

      • Applying for Jobs - (3)

        This section contains information, resources and techniques required to develop successful applications, including sample cover letters and CVs for personal download and use.


          How to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resumé. The first, and arguably most important stage of a job application is a CV. In one page, it displays what your strengths are, and why you are suitable for a role. It is no use being a great speaker and presenter if you can't make it to the interview stage. Utilise these tips, techniques, samples, examples, and templates to help develop a resume which perfectly displays all your skills, knowledge and experience in such a way that it is impossible not to hire you. 


          Writing complaints letters - examples of how to write good complaints letters.


          Interviewers will often ask you about past experiences in order to assess whether your skills, knowledge, and decision-making are suitable for a new position or promotion. These 'Behavioural Questions' give you a chance to refer back to previous positions; however, they can often prove more challenging than traditional interview questions due to their complexity and unpredictability. The STAR Technique provides you with a simple framework to prepare for, and answer these types of questions. 

      • Salary - (2)

        This sections will contain tips and technique to utilise when negotiating or renegotiating your salary and pay rises.


          Tips and techniques for salary negotiation for employees, and negotiation tips for managers - and tips for job promotions and improving conditions - and targets and bonuses principles


          Tips and techniques for salary negotiation for employees and salary negotiation tips for managers and tips for job promotion and improving.

      • Resignation - (1)

        This section will aim to guide you through the process of resignation - how to go about it, and sample resignation letters for download and use.