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by Alan Chapman - Friday, 9 August 2019, 1:56 PM
Anyone in the world

Every home should have one...

Actually every home can have several DIY wind-turbine free electricity generators, if we make it so. 

Everywhere in the world. 

So then everyone can have a proper home. 

DIY here means Do It Yourself, 'home-made', community-built/provided, or some other 'non-corporate', and 'non-commercialised' manufacture and provision. 

This logic is entirely sensible because production of energy (historically by fossil fuels) is the main cause of climate change. Home-made or community provided free energy solutions, that are also free of corporate 'added value' and profit, would make dramatically big positive impacts on efforts to reverse unsustainable energy production.

This is part of the solution to fixing the climate/environment/economic human extinction collapse (and suicide - same causes same solutions... consider that energy costs are a big part of household budgets... debt is a major factor in many suicides... all these things are connected.) 

We must find ways to change how we live on this planet, so that we stop destroying what sustains us. 

We must help other less wealthy parts of the world to do this too, and excitingly other less wealthy parts of the world are now teaching the wealthy 'developed' world how to live more authentically and self-sufficiently.

So that we fix inequality too. All of this is connected. Fix suicide. Fix inequality. Fix the planet.

This really is about the near-term extinction, or survival, of humankind. It's that serious.

It's up to all of us, because too many governments and huge corporations show no great determination or capability to fix what's broken, despite clear evidence now that serious exponential collapse has been under way for decades.

Governments aren't able to plant a billion trees, but 8 billion people can.

Governments cannot arrange for every home in the world to have several home-made wind-turbine electricity generators. But people can. Communities can. 

Some of the solutions to human extinction threat are not expensive. Some are free. It's a matter of working together, resisting and rejecting the controlling interests of big business and systemic bias.

Every community has engineers and makers and builders - as well as healers and teachers, and writers and poets, and dancers and singers, and gardeners and animal keepers, cooks and brewers, designers and knitters and tailors and seamstresses. Every community has every skill and experience needed to thrive and survive.

Mostly governments cannot organise these huge changes, because governments are locked into relationships and deepening systemic bias that's been increasingly embedded in the government of life and society for hundreds of years. It's not really their fault, because the qualities required for modern politics are different to the qualities required for saving humankind, and for being ethical and compassionate and fair. Prioritising sustainability and people and planet is simply not how modern politics works, nor how modern business works, nor how modern international diplomacy works, and it generally in history these priorities very rarely feature in the aims and policies of governments and corporations.  

Also, we get the leaders we vote for. And we get the corporations we buy from, and the newspapers we read, and the media we accept. We collectively have the power to change all these things when/if we choose.

These days politicians, and the corporate leaders who help put them into power, and then keep them in power, are typically the product of highly privileged and very secure protected backgrounds. They tend to be very wealthy, short-term in their thinking and actions, and very low on human sensitivity. It's very difficult to win votes with an honest vision that'll take longer than 4-5 years to achieve, and usually the media battle for election is about issues for the next few months, represented by promises and propaganda. Marketing, advertising and media are crucially important in determining the results of elections. Manifesto pledges for social improvement and truth and justice are routinely forgotten once power is won. Many modern leaders have a background in journalism and PR. They understand about the power of media. People tend to forget this about Donald Trump - that he understands the power of modern media very well indeed.

Modern media enables distortions of truths and realities on an unprecedented scale. It's like a hall of mirrors. And it serves powerful people and businesses very well if the public is confused and fragmented. Divide and rule. 

Public school, OxBridge education (or equivalent elsewhere) and wealthy parents tend to produce leaders like this in the 'developed' world, and generally throughout history. Of course this is so, because turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Those in power, with powerful obligations and friends, fearfully and resiliently 'stuck' in systemic partnerships to maintain and grow more wealth and power, tend not to change rules to disadvantage themselves.

There are exceptions but very few, especially in the 'western developed world' that's led globalisation and within this the beliefs and policies that free market economics are sustainable, and the way to improve life for humanity, when clearly they are neither sustainable, nor making a fairer safer world for us all. 

Nowadays and generally throughout history, men (it's mostly men) and women get into political power because they already have a lot of power and backing from other people and organisations with a lot of money. As wealth and power have increasingly concentrated into a reducing percentage of people, this dynamic becomes correspondingly dangerous. Policy that shapes the world are based on the self-interest of a few hundred rich powerful people, rather than the health and life needs of everyone else - nearly 8 billion of people - and the preservation of ecosystems vital to sustain human existence.

TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free lunch - is the old saying, and in politics and business it's generally true. Politicians are supported by people and organisations - hugely powerful investors and corporate owners- who want something in return, and generally they get it. 

Look at most government policies, or a resistance to a policy, and there is generally a big reason driving it that's attached to outside interests of money and power.

Rarely does politics ever prioritise policies according to the needs of people and communities. The only time this happens is when people demonstrate or rebel in such numbers and ferocity that government is forced to act, or when enough money is raised to bring a successful legal case against the government.

It takes a lot to hold a government truly responsible. A million people marched in London to stop the Iraq War, which is now widely agreed to have been illegal, based on distorted PR, the tautological (self-justifying) "Let God/History be my judge..." and "Because it is/was the right thing to do..." 

Oh, of course, and the wishes of huge corporations to plunder Iraq. A million people marching could not stop an illegal war. So it takes a lot.

Hundreds of examples are available throughout history to demonstrate that politicians are above the law, across the world. It's how governments are, although the recklessness and bravado now of politicians in so many nations is greater than it's ever been, especially considering the openness in which such defiance is pursued.

Even the very rare compassionate socially minded politicians and well-meaning business people tend eventually to be corrupted and deluded by the governmental/corporate bubble that they inhabit, and which pervades and constantly reinforces the (male, left-side brain, PR-savvy)  biases that condition how we live, and what we believe is true, and never really question.

Conditioning, when it's all around us, largely unseen for what it is, over decades, makes an acceptable reality of the most ridiculous falsehoods and idiocy. 

So... people generally don't know or question why suicide kills more people than wars, murders and all acts of violence combined. And don't know that of the 60 million people who die globally every year, over 20 million of these deaths are premature, preventable, caused by big corporations in collusion with governments. I refer mainly to lung and heart diseases, from pollution and tobacco, and from fat, salt and sugar addiction in the processed food that corporations sell knowingly that kill people. Slow corporate homicide. And of course climate change and environmental and ecosystem harms, that already kill half a million people annually globally, rising, exponentially.

We can and must question all of this now. Question our politicians and business leaders. Question and demand.

8 billion people can tell governments, and corporations, "Prioritise fixing this broken planet's ecosystem and crazy unsustainable economics, or I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU OR SUPPORT YOU.

Incidentally see - it's perhaps another part of the solution and how we can make a cooperating world government and economic system that puts people and planet first - human survival - not profit and wealth creation.

Interestingly the people who can consider all this this quickest and easiest and most creatively, are the sensitives, the traumatised and the artistic, the ravaged and the suicidally experienced.. 

The 'weak' are the strong. Really. Experto Credite. Trust one who knows.

Trust someone who's lived with and survived great trauma to know things about life, and death, that few others do.

And so the people who have least fear in the threat of human extinction are the homeless and the ravaged and the traumatised - because they've lived with death and accept their own mortality, which is ultimately what this is all about.. 

Do you see the connections?.. Suicide and climate/existential threats.. Those closest to death, who can engage with death, and who've disintegrated most, can engage deepest and fastest with the extinction issues (because they are not so scared of death), and help most in averting the worst of the extinction collapse projections, as healers, guides, teachers, comforters, joy-bringers, singers, dancers, nature-connectors, foragers, growers, makers and doulas, etc. A lot of this is about ancient wisdom, authenticity - Plato, to the Inuit and Maori, Aborigines, the yogis and shamen, and Native American Indians, and what's deep in our hearts, souls, right and left-sides of our brains, and what it is to be human..

1. Planet Earth's ecosystem is changing exponentially (faster and faster) so that soon it will be unable to support any human/other life This is due to [all exponential] global warming of 2 degrees and much more, huge forest fires, ice-melt, methane release, sea rise, social disintegration/conflict, government and corporate denial/paralysis, economic collapse, feedback loops, eventually money systems, global food supplies and internet collapse, etc, etc - this is seriously upon us right now, and has been for decades - ask people affected (e.g., Asia, Africa, S America.. N.B. 'other continents are available' as examples). 

2. The evidence is absolutely clear. UN/IPCC/governments refer to highly optimistic 'consensus' science, which includes paid lobbyists and denialists with deluded (corporate/political/economic) interests, and very low sensitivity and high maladjusted resilience (they cannot help it because they've not experienced real hardship and trauma, and they genuinely believe they are right, that unsustainable growth/economics are actually sustainable). 

3. Instead look at the much more realistic projections (which we would do if Earth/human existence were an airline, and would apply, e.g., Six Sigma, total quality, high risk, prudence, zero fault tolerance, etc). So look instead at evidence Prof Jem Bendell (Deep Adaptation), Gail Bradbrook (XR), Peter Wadhams (Cambridge), Stuart Scott (, etc. And look at the graphs. All exponential and we are in the end-game now. 410-15 carbon parts per million in the atmosphere - we've not had that for 65 million years. (Homo sapiens have existed for just 350,000 years - the Ice-Age is a tea-party compared to what's unfolding now, really).

4. There is enormous hope. There is always hope. But we must innovate and change thinking and actions very very radically. As Einstein said, we will not solve problems with the same thinking that created them.

5. A big part of saving humankind is emergent solutions from the ground upwards - empowered inspired liberated transformed communities and people everywhere - importantly questioning and rejecting the fearful myth of dependence on state governance/protection (which like 'divide and rule' is a fundamental confidence trick of ruling elite and wealth/power maintenance for centuries/thousands of years).

6. If we all wait for governments we'll be toast. Or likely first shot on the streets for 'rioting' because we need food. Look at the history. It repeats, in certain ways, and is repeating.

7. This is one of the solutions - home-made wind turbine electricity generator - free electricity. Every home should have several. Like every home should have its own home-made solar panels (every street has at least one brilliant retired engineer who can build this stuff, out of throw-away bits-and-pieces, really). Every home should have water butts and composting toilets. Every home should have roof tiles that are solar panels (why not?.. because housebuilders and their political buddies make too much money out of old technology - roof tiles are the same as they were hundreds of years ago - basically like our political/'democracy'/government systems.. archaic and serving only the powerful and wealthy)

8. This short article cannot be an exhaustive view of background, scenarios, projections and solutions or a challenge as big as human extinction. It is intended to engage and encourage emergent radical thinking and actions, and perhaps for some people simply to plant a tiny seed of tiny personal re-thinking, questioning, and then a change that would make a vast difference when billions of people follow. 

9. Humankind has faced major wipe-out threats in the past, but this one is very different, because the globalised human world is now so optimised, connected, addicted, and terminally precarious; so catastrophically dependent on flawed artificial intelligence and enormous unaccountable negligent tech corporations, and clueless ever-toughening governments, that unless big changes happen soon, global warming/climate collapse and paralysed self-serving economics/politics will certainly kill us all very soon. Not just the many millions who've been dying for decades (in newspapers and news reports on our screens - these are all real people, it's not like the movies) prematurely and preventably due to pollution, addictions, despair - fat, salt, sugar, alcohol, unhealthy lifestyles, droughts, famines and disease, etc - nearly all due the distorted systems that we all basically support - but all of us. And there lies the solution: it is in our own hands, in our own communities, in our own ideas and passions - if enough people demand and enable radical change, then change will come.

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