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by Alan Chapman - Saturday, 12 September 2020, 2:13 PM
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Uncertainty, Suicides, Pandemics and Panics 

Uncertainty causes humans to try to restore certainty, when actually often this is impossible.

And usually by trying to restore certainty, we create more uncertainty.

Typically the more uncertain we feel, then the more we feel uncomfortable and threatened.

And in these situations of uncertainty...

The more insecure or fearful we are (typically because of our upbringing) then the more we will try to control what is uncertain by force, or imposing our 'authority' on the situation, or upon the people or other things representing the uncertainty.

This is done by people of all ages, groups, organisations and by governments.  

Governments especially increase their levels of control when there is uncertainty, and especially when the government and its leaders are insecure emotionally, or immature; even childlike.

Uncertainty can be so painful and horrific that people resort to suicide, or to homicide. 

Suicide and homicide are extreme measures of control, to establish certainty, where uncertainty is unbearable.

Uncertainty can cause organisations and governments to resort to levels of control that are extremely harmful, just like some people resort to suicide.

We see this in wars and holocausts and genocides, and we see it in the responses of many governments to the 2020 Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

We also see this use of control and power as a response to uncertainty, in the way that insecure parents apply force to control the uncertainties of their children.

Smacking children, or grounding teenagers, by insecure poorly educated parents, is just like the lockdowns and masks and fines used by governments in attempting to control the uncertainty of an already volatile/vulnerable population, while there is a fear that a pandemic is underway.

The truth becomes obscured and hard to find. 

Because emotion and fear - panic - and urge to control - all become more important than reason and calm, and wisdom and irrefutable facts.       

Suicides happen because the suicidal deny irrefutable facts. The suicidal mind chooses to believe the worst.

Uncertainty can do this.

As with suicide and homicide, government over-reactions to uncertainty, are catastrophic.

Insecure leaders unwittingly cause their systems of government to destroy and kill people.

Thankfully people like Hitler are very rare.

But unwitting leaders of genocide are more common.

(See Nick Duffell's work on Wounded Leaders, which is a particular English problem, dating back hundreds of years, to the beginnings of the mostly shameful British Empire, that the English have exported globally.)

The 'treatment' is worse than the disease, where force is used to try to establish certainty.

The interventions make matters worse.

The interventions create more uncertainty, more fear, more insecurity.

The feeling of control is temporary and illusory.

In the modern age, the modern media - especially including globalised social media, which is a mostly frenzy of self-interests fuelled by addictive design  - all reflect back to people what they fear most, because this is what people buy and use and participate in.

And this completes the three-stage cycle or loop that characterises human systems ...  

people > government  > media/business > people > government > media/business > people  

... and so on

Each feeding and fuelling the panic reflections in the other, so that the majority in each conspires to ruin the whole.

So that a disintegration happens, when things reach a breaking point, and then things can renew and grow again.

Get used to uncertainty - it's normal

It hurts, but it's normal.

All of life is uncertain, except that one day we die.

This is the biggest certainty, and the biggest denial too.

Everything else that we believe about life is generally wrong, because we apply certainty to things that simply are uncertain.


Suicide is a much bigger priority than Covid

Here's why...

Firstly far more people die of suicide than of Covid. Look at the numbers.

Secondly, we will not fix the planet (for humans and most other life) by fixing Covid, whereas we will mostly fix the planet (for humans and most other life) by fixing - and even making a very attempt at fixing - suicide.  

And so, towards these truths...

Here's why lockdowns and other well-intentioned but idiotic interventions and draconian controls aren't necessary; are seriously counter-productive, recklessly negligent, and are responsible for increasing illness and deaths, rather than reducing these harms.

This is a deeply rigorous factually-supported explanation to help end fear and panic - among people and governments.  The best Covid-19 analysis I've seen to date.

Also on Youtube: 

Thanks Ivor Cummings

We  - that's anyone and everyone - can help us all to restore calm, balance, clarity, etc.

And make a better world.



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