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by Alan Chapman - Tuesday, 1 December 2020, 1:06 PM
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Trauma Recovery and Covid-19 Ethical Governance 

Amanda Candelora - Inspirational Role Model 

The Covid-19 'pandemic' offers many lessons, fast-emerging globally.

It is easy to imagine the need for an entirely new international court of inquiry and prosecution, rather like the Nuremberg Trials after the Nazi Holocaust and Second World War, which established the principle of crimes against humanity.

In the meanwhile, below is helpful to open doors to realities not offered by mainstream media and government confusion during 2020.

This is the link to the YouTube video recording (the context and original source) of the incredibly powerful Amanda Candelora 5mins speech at 8hrs:45mins

(Community and Public Services Committee, Council Chambers - City of Edmonton 11/13/2020 [13th Nov 2020] - crucial 5mins speech at 8:45)

The video includes personal representations by many community residents about mask-wearing rules, and wider related issues about individual and societal health, politics and economics, big tech, big pharma, freedom and human rights, human evolution, truth, justice, corruption and ethics, etc. 

The representations begin at about 4hrs 50minutes into the meeting and continue for about 4 hours.

There are many lessons and insights in the representations and the wider discussions.

Very notable are the representations made by Dr Hodkinson at c.8hrs 25mins. (Dr Hodkinson is a highly eminent expert in pathology and education/examining of doctors, etc., and he is interviewed separately by the brilliant UK journalism educationalist Anna Brees - - on her YouTube and Bitchute channels - also see my blogpost about Anna Brees's educational journalism.) 

As significant (IMHO) as Dr Hodkinson's representation is that of the incredibly powerful Amanda Candelora at c.8hrs 45mins.

Amanda Candelora was raped and has been in therapy. 

Her testimony to the committee, online participants and viewing audience, is among the most profoundly brave and beautiful talks I've ever witnessed.

It is a personal story told in less than five minutes that changes worlds.

Imagine the preparation of mind, body and soul necessary for her speech.

You would not hear anything more powerful in the finest theatre, or greatest movie.

You will not be touched by any politician or business leader as deeply as Amanda Candelora's five minutes. 

Thank you, Amanda.

You are an iconic example of who can lead our broken world and ravaged humanity into conscious evolution.

I would follow you anywhere, into the fire, to the end of the rainbow.

And I smile as I imagine your increasing brilliance, emerging from your sensitivity and courage, and the irresistible cascading inspiration you offer for others and generations to come.



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