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by Alan Chapman - Friday, 25 December 2020, 10:29 AM
Anyone in the world

There is a Love

These words are from a song written in 2019, 

about the deep love between two people, 

and the ripples becoming waves of love,

and how love can change everything,

and is changing everything,

as we all become one,

beautiful humanity.

There is a Love

There is a Love

Bigger than the stars

There are some things

Make us who we are

Now we know

How we grow

Our love because

We make it so

There is a love

Words cannot define

There are some feelings

More powerful than time

When I look

Into your eyes

The world is well

And paradise

The world is well

And paradise

'There is a Love' is based on a song written by Alan Chapman in 2019, recorded 2020, perhaps to be released 2021.

Dedicated to Yvette and Mike, my dear friend William, and to all other profound spirit guides. 

And so, everyone.



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