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by Alan Chapman - Sunday, 16 February 2020, 8:03 PM
Anyone in the world

2020, Time and Words

Joinedwe know everything, and we can be everything, anything. 

Humanity is one. Connected, making a whole, and the universe. 

Without humanity's collective consciousness, does anything actually exist in time and space... 

We agree to live according to an entirely notional construct of time. 

Yet there is only now. 

We agree to live according to entirely notional constructs of life and death, and our place in the universe. 

The universe actually is inside our heads, individually and collectively. 

We agree, as best as we dare think and discuss (please do think and discuss much more) about human notions of what the universe is, and yet these notions cannot be anything other than entirely wrong, just as when humankind followed all types of gods, believed the Earth to be flat, that man cannot fly, and that the 'blood-brain barrier' exists (as many health professionals and most people still do, which helps sustain and accelerate the Anthropocene, and suicides).

The only way to travel around the universe, arriving where we started, is in our heads. Do it. It's very interesting. 

Everywhere is central in the universe. Including your own mind, and our collective consciousness. 

The universe is a bit like the spherical soundwave of a handclap... Like the skin of a balloon, a spherical shockwave of matter and anti-matter growing faster than it would be possible to travel around it even at the speed of light; although we can make the journey in a microsecond, in our heads. Try it. You'll love it. 

Everywhere is central on the skin of a balloon, or in the spherical soundwave of a handclap. And we are too... central in the universe. 

Time and space bend. 

When Magellan's surviving crew members circumnavigated the world, proving that the Earth is a globe and not flat, the ship's log was a day behind. 

Like time and space, words mean what we each make them mean, and so any attempt to explain anything in words is fundamentally flawed. 

And so, less is more. 

Make what meaning you can, because this is life. 

Everything balances. 

For every thought and action there is a consequence, a 'cost' and 'reward'. Yin and Yang. This is sub-atomic and universal. 

Nothing matters, except what we make matter. 


The Time

Time is our making. 

Less = More. 

Words are not meaning. 

Anthropocene. This is all of us. 

8bn people, or no people, or something in between. It's our choice. Our humanity. 

Binary vs Analogue. 

Are we considering survival of Homo Sapiens, or all and any life on Earth? Define 'The Greater Good'. What is the aim? 

Everything is true = Nothing is true. 

Death may be better than life. 

Death denialism and fear accelerate the Anthropocene. 

Suicide = Answers 

(Death is the key to life, and suicide is the key to death.) 

I'm you. 

You're me. 

We = mirrors. 

Humanity is one. 

Every attempt to explain anything is flawed. 

Everything simply is

We simply are

Life goes on. 

Placebo. (We make real what we believe.) 

Direct wisdom. Believe what you can prove for yourself. 

Thoughts = Things. 

Music = The Food of Love. 

Slow down. 

Draw down. 

Stories shape personal and collective beliefs. Placebo.... 

Theories are stories. 

Nobody knows anything, really. 

Everyone knows nothing. 

And yet, joined, we know everything, and we can be everything, that we need be. 

Joined, we know everything, and we can be everything, anything, that we want to be. 

Words alone cannot explain, nor shape answers. 



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