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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 21 August 2019, 9:58 AM
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SIMPOL is a concept/movement for humanity's survival

Our approach to humankind's existential challenges requires radically new thinking. 

Einstein is commonly credited with the truth that: 

"We do not solve any problem with the same thinking that created the problem."

The SIMPOL concept/movement, devised (20+ years ago) and led by John Bunzl, is an example of such brilliant new thinking.

SIMPOL's time seems now.

What is Simpol?

(Note that this is a very quick summary - I urge you to explore John Bunzl's work: and the SIMPOL book 

SIMPOL is a 'portmanteau' word (made from joining/abbreviating two words). 

SIMPOL or Simpol stands for Simultaneous Policy.

Simultaneous Policy globally, by all governments.

Simultaneous Policy refers to the need for simultaneous policy by all or most of the nations of the world including the most powerful, to change what now threatens human existence within our lifetimes.

SIMPOL's standpoint is rightly that global simultaneous policy is the only way to address and solve the existential challenges we now face. 

Independent deeply radical action would be unacceptable to any nation(s) taking the action, because the competitive effects (vs other nations in our globalised economy/politics) would be too damaging for the nation's efficiencies, finances, viability, prosperity, defensive abilities, reputation, etc. 

No government would take the hugely radical actions required without agreement from all other nations to do the same, and simultaneously.  

In truth it's the electorate's responsibility too, because people tend not to elect/support governments that do not protect national interests.

It is therefore in the hands of the electorate, and this is a key element of SIMPOL's genius.

While all nations protect their national interests, so we continue to increase the existential threats to the survival of the whole human race.

So how does SIMPOL break the deadlock? Basically, by committing politicians and political candidates to the SIMPOL pledge - for simultaneous policy to avert human extinction - otherwise the voter will not elect them.

The dynamics of human extinction threats and SIMPOL's methodology

Depending on viewpoint of available science, the threat to human existence is now a near-term extinction threat/reality, chiefly due to climate change and collapse of ecosystem, economics, etc., but other threats could become more urgent. It's simply that we know climate change and ecosystem collapse to be a certain urgent extinction reality.

The paralysis and inertia of governments and global systems (especially economics and politics not designed, equipped or emotionally able to engage deeply enough with this eponentially fast-changing world), is the greatest obstacle to taking the vast actions necessary to avert the worst of the human extinction projections.  

Our archaic systems of economics and governments are not capable of responding to the exponentially threatening challenges that humankind has created.  

And so we need new thinking.

SIMPOL is a practical solution, now increasing in its adoption*, which will lead to improvements, adaptions and adoptions, so that the world's governments can begin to co-operate in taking collective action to avoid collapse, and to solve other threats, such as nuclear proliferation, unsustainable economics, etc.

Due to increasing numbers of citizens joining the campaign and using the SIMPOL process, a growing number of MPs in various countries are now committed to implementing Simpol alongside other governments. The list can be found at

John Bunzl's genius has seen and devised a way to overcome the problem:

Humankind faces extinction because the way we all live and work has ruined the ecosystem necessary for our survival. 

We also face other extinction threats such as:

  • nuclear power, 
  • artificial intelligence and increasingly uncontrollable unpredictable technology, 
  • unsustainable economics, based on myths of free market infinite growth, 
  • and population growth, especially combined with globalisation, movement, conflict.

Unilateral action (just one nation's actions), or action by just a few nations, to make the deep policy/law changes required to address and resolve any of the above, would disadvantage the nation(s) concerned, and so will not happen.

The only way to address these challenges is collectively as a united world, as if we were 'at war' with a threat from outside of our world.   


I urge you to explore John Bunzl's work: and the SIMPOL book 

(Incidentally, Nick Duffell co-authored the SIMPOL book with John Bunzl, which was published 2018. John Bunzl's creation of SIMPOL dates back over 20 years. Nick Duffell's own work is separately genius too, e.g., examining and explaining the sort of deep bias and denialism that has created human extinction threats, notably his book Wounded Leaders, and lots else relating to deep spirituality, human authenticity, ancient wisdoms, etc.)

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