Blog entry by Alan Chapman

by Alan Chapman - Thursday, 8 July 2021, 8:04 PM
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Shattering, scattering, healing and overwhelm

There is a time when it's sensible simply to start again, almost completely, and let go virtually everything, of oneself and one's past life, because it's impossible to find the pieces, let alone put anything meaningful together, of who and what we once were.

Additionally there is a time when we must focus on our healing and making a new life, and prioritise this above any sense of responsibility for others, especially where such a responsibility was the major reason for the disintegrations and scatterings of the tiny pieces of who and what we once were, at the deepest levels of what we generally understand to be a person, with a life and any sort of viability. 

The good news is that rebirth is basically a healthy thing to do, even at quite a late stage of life like mine.

I can breathe, run, and am fitter than many people half my age. I can feel the sun and rain on my skin, make tea, and enjoy other very basic things. I am very lucky.