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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 2:59 PM
Anyone in the world

This story starts with Liane's suicide..

I don't know how the story ends.

I wrote more than a million words in creating this website. Since losing Liane, on 21st April 2015, and losing myself in many ways, the words still flow; but finding which words to share is now much more challenging.

I can probably best start with some words that Liane wrote, and which I read to the 450 friends, family and co-workers, struggling to comprehend, in the chapel. 

Some things defy normal explanation. 

Music, poetry, dance, and artistic creative expression often convey feelings more effectively.

See and Be Free

You feel the world is closing in on you,

So look to the skies, then you won’t feel so blue.

That vast expanse, offers us freedom to dance,

Escape from this world, lose yourself in a trance.

Take a step into the void,

Can’t let life’s restrictions hold you back.

Face the change you want but avoid,

Find a crazy moment to get off track.

Feel the wind in your face, let your thoughts unwind.

Sense every sensation, stimulate your mind.

There’s beauty to see, horizons to explore,

Journeys to be made, it’s okay to seek more.

Know that fear is the keeper,

So turn that key,

Go on open the door,

Change your destiny,

See and be free,

See and be free.

(Liane Ashberry, 1963-2015 - from the album 'Ploughed Heart' by Rude Angel, 2015. Available free at



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