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by Alan Chapman - Tuesday, 16 February 2021, 5:34 PM
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reimagining global education for children

Please get involved in this re-imagining of children's global education, for a sustainable humanity and planet. 

It is connected cooperatively with schools, teachers and children on a vast scale.

I am aware that there is much conflicting science about 'climate change', and like many people I believe that nobody can predict the future.

Climate is not the only situation.

It's much broader than climate. It's about the natural world, and humanity's opportunity to reimagine our evolution to being a much more kind, fair and loving species.

My personal perspective is children's education and youth empowerment, helping new young leaders, towards a cooperative harmonious humanity, in which old ideas of consumerism and inequality are replaced by gratitude, forgiveness, love and mutual understanding.

For too long, human beings have been divided and fighting, and squandering and abusing what the natural planet seeks to give us.

Our children can make a better human planet if we enable them to become compassionate leaders.

This is why I support Melanie Harwood's work.

Adults and especially older people have had their opportunities to live and lead as they wanted.

Our children must be helped to determine their own future, and for future generations.

The work of and partners.

Also for example this 4 minute Dubai school video:

And this longer one:

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