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by Alan Chapman - Sunday, 6 September 2020, 9:22 PM
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Raw Life

This my strongly positive review of Christy Harden's 2020 book:

I ♥ Raw: A How-To Guide for Reconnecting to Yourself and the Earth through Plant-Based Living

My review is from personal experience.

And so I endorse this work very strongly.

I add that we are all different. 

And you can adapt its teachings for yourself.

The book opens doors for your own growth.

We must each find our own way when the door opens.

This book can help you reframe how you think and act towards the most fundamental changes, to transform your life if you choose. 

See the article on reframing.

Do you want to become fearless, peaceful, healthy and happy? 

Or grow towards these?

Then read this book.

This is about living raw, as well as eating raw.

To me 'living raw' means living as we are evolved to live, rather than as we are conditioned to live.

And while there are many paths to peace and fearlessness, the path of traumatic growth has mostly been my way, and it seems mostly Christy's way too.

That said, this book is for everyone; for anyone. 

This review especially focuses on traumatic growth and reframing, because that's my particular experience and perspective - of growth to fearlessness. 

See positive disintegration.

This is important for others dealing with their own traumas, to be helped by knowing there is a purpose to the pain. 

Pain becomes much more bearable - and we become more patient in our healing - when we know there is a purpose and meaning of the pain and uncertainty - and that it is the normal experience of others experiencing similar growth via trauma.  

It is how we grow and become extremely peaceful and strong, when and if we make it so.

We make it so when we know this is how we grow.

Rather like climbing mountains in our head. It's how we grow.

We can make our own life.

The faster and bigger we change, then generally the more challenging it is.

Whether we are disintegrating or rebuilding - change is challenging.

Knowing that there is a purpose, for us as an emerging free-thinking independsent person, helps us through the challenges.  

Christy's book teaches us that we have the power to choose how to live, think and feel.

This gives us a very meaningful powerful purpose to changing. 

As with any challenging change, awareness and intention combine to enable determination and action, even when things become very difficult and might seem insurmountable.

One step at a time, gets us to the light, out of the dark.

One step at a time is how we become comfortable with the reality of uncertainty.

And to loving the 'now', and the wonderment of life and everything.

To let go of the conditioned worries of trying to make external life certain and predictable and controllable, that is simply not certain and predictable and controllable, whereas our internal life is within our power - the internal power of our own thoughts, feelings, and so then how we use our minds and bodies, and especially what we put into them.

It is within our control to choose what we eat and drink: to choose the fuels and nutrients for how we live, and keep our minds and bodies healthy. 

This is the fundamental part of living raw.

And Christy's book explains, as I've discovered myself in my own ways, that this raw freedom then brings an intense beauty to life, with freedom to be, and think, and to live slower, more peacefully, and more lovingly.

Aspects of living raw

Living raw is an entire lifestyle - a philosophy - your own way of being.

You can make it, for yourself.

It all adds up, to offer a new way to live, and how to get there, far beyond what we eat and drink. 

And so of course Christy's teachings explain and help us to reframe many other aspects of living more naturally and raw, for example:

  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise
  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Work
  • Leisure
  • Personal growth ongoing

These aspects are all joined together in a very meaningful and inter-connected way.

And this gives us enormous flexibility to mix-and-match - to blend a life - that is what we want, and right for us individually - which we can change as we grow.

Each of us is different - so our own raw living is our own making

Christy's story is what Christy has made of her own life, so far.

It's an inspiration for each of us to make our own life, according to what is in our own hearts.

Christy's wisdoms are a wonderful guide - to follow or adapt, for your own interpretations. 

Reframe and change our conditioning

The conditioning of unhealthy 'fuelling' of our bodies - our habits and beliefs - that affects our brains, minds, feelings, thinking, actions and behaviours - has all been happening for all of our lives.

We lose our freedoms, because we become prisoners of the systems that humanity has allowed/consumed/supported/etc., for many years, especially since the mid-1900s, but actually before that too. Notably coffee, tea, sugar and tobacco were central in establishing the globalized world we know today, 500 years ago.

Our bodies and brains and spiritual needs are still as we evolved millions of years ago, and yet we live and eat mostly the very unnatural globalized diet and lifestyle of the past few decades, with all of its addictions and artificial pressures that make us all, and societies, so unwell. 

We can change; what we choose, how we live; everything.

Christy's book and the concept of 'raw' living is extremely meaningful to me.

I've lived much of it myself, and so can endorse it very strongly.

If you want to live more healthily and happily, more free and fearless - read the book. It will help you reframe and change, and live free of conditioning, as you are evolved and designed to be.

Thank you Christy, and Maurice.

Christy Harden's 2020 book, by the brilliant publisher Maurice Bassett:

I ♥ Raw: A How-To Guide for Reconnecting to Yourself and the Earth through Plant-Based Living



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