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by Alan Chapman - Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 11:17 AM
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I've worked with quizzes in online education on a very big scale for many years.

Here's one of the most significant quizzes I've ever seen. 

Here is a shortlink to the above quiz URL:

Shortlinks are often easier to remember and to share :)

Quizzes engage people.

They are enjoyable.

Quizzes are fun to play in teams and groups, in pubs and homes and educational and workplaces.

The above quiz about Covid-19 and coronavirus is especially powerful because the answers are supported by lots of reliably researched evidence and data, by highly qualified and experienced experts in the subjects in the quiz.

This enables the educational and learning processes to begin, because people become engaged in an enjoyable way, which 'opens doors' and 'plants seeds' for self-discovery and self-teaching, exploration, questioning, etc., rather than being lectured at or told what to believe. 

Quizzes are especially powerful for subjects that entail taboos and fears.

On which point, here's a very significant book about fear:

And here's the shortlink:

Here's a helpful review of the book:

Learning is about growth, of oneself, and sometimes this can be painful.

If you want to know how I've grown to the point that I embrace my own mortality every day - to be fearless about my own dying - then please ask me.



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