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by Alan Chapman - Sunday, 28 March 2021, 9:40 AM
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Protopia - education

practical transformation of humanity/planet - via evolutionary leadership hubs

This is about how we enable a better humanity.

In harmony with our planet and wider universe(s).

It's real, happening, and very practical.

This is one initiative along with several others, of global and universally spiritual dimensions, which will increasingly cooperate.

human evolution transition

We are transitioning from the human age of:

  • competition - individually and internationally - that brings us wars, famines, debt, plagues, climate and ecosystem disruptions, fear, consumption, waste, greed, and enslavement in technologies and financial systems, 
  • to a human age of cooperation - individually and internationally - based on compassion, equality, fairness, truth, justice, abundance, gratitude, forgiveness, love, balance and harmony with planet and cosmos, and lots else that you would imagine and hope for ourselves, our children and generations to come.     

For centuries, and longer, people have dreamed or envisioned transformation like this, especially in recent years, and particularly these days of wondering what might emerge for humanity after the 2020 traumas to our global economic, societal and personal systems.

Disintegration and collapse tend to be required before rebirth and transformation - like a caterpillar to a butterfly.

It is nature, and we are part of it all. 

It is the universe(s), and the rebalancing of nothing and everything, without time. Now. Is all we have.

Humanity is at a pivotal stage of evolution.

And so, where and how might we lead, educate and enable ourselves, to live peacefully and well?  

A collaboration between evolutionary leaders - with love in their hearts, minds and intentions - recently launched this extraordinary educational course.

It is maybe like no other educational course you've ever seen before.

Ask yourself, "Am I already living a good life - being kind to myself and others - or wanting to be more like this?"

Because if so, then you are already extremely able to learn, teach, show, discover, enable: 

How we make a better world.

It will be done by we 'ordinary' people, simply deciding to do extraordinary things.

We can. You can.


Utopia is an extremely perfect notion of human existence - a sort of living 'Heaven on Earth'. Dystopia is the extremely horrific extreme opposite - a sort of 'living hell'. If you wish, explore these meanings, origins and interpretations, but this is not important.

What matters is:

Protopia is a notion of a fair, compassionate humanity, in harmony with planet and cosmos, that is practically achievable, easily in our lifetimes, and it is real and happening.

In many ways the idea of Protopia transcends language, and nearly all that we understand in science and conventional 'education', except perhaps to say that Protopia is a sustainable peaceful next stage of human evolution.

Eastern and 'ancient wisdoms' (especially pre-agricultural revolution and the beginnings of cities about 10,000 years ago) are very different and much wider and deeper than Western science and language.

To me, Eastern and 'ancient wisdoms', explain human evolutionary transition in easier ways, and also prove to me that evolution is not linear (a straight line, nor even a line), and is not something that happens globally in one step-change. And that we are largely - across the planet - already transitioning very successfully to this 'Protopian' evolutionary stage - although at times it seems not.

Look around you. Feel and sense your reality, rather than allow other forces to determine is, and tell stories that are untrue.

People are good. It's the systems that we've helped build, and which we tolerate and sustain, that tell us otherwise.    

Many millions of people, billions actually, are already evolved to the level that Protopia seeks to enable for all.

We might call this 'enlightenment' or 'peace'. 

We have it already; we simply do not realise it, because we are persuaded otherwise.

Everyone is born fearless, trusting, and unconditionally loving.

It's in all of us when we simply reconnect with our beautiful pure-born soul.

It is an attitude, a way of being, a way of loving life and everything, because it is all life, and we are blessed to feel it. 

We can find this bliss every moment, in mindfulness and meditation, and other ways of connecting with our pure-born souls and the cosmological and planetary energies that give and sustain life.

It's about love, really, of self fundamentally, from which all else good flows.  

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