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by Alan Chapman - Thursday, 17 September 2020, 9:02 AM
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Placebo and Nocebo

A couple of pointers for human/world transformation and leadership:

Having experienced, studied and worked in suicide, for several years; personally, locally and internationally,  I can assure you that the powers of placebo and nocebo are huge, largely unappreciated and ignored, and offering enormous potential for transforming people, societies and planet.

These introductory articles will open doors for your own discoveries.

Keep and open mind. 

Think for yourself.

Scientific studies of placebo and nocebo are increasingly finding and proving that the human mind is ultimately the most significant force in determining health individually and societally.

And given that how humans behave societally is the fundamental determinant of human systems and the Anthropocene (human impacts on planet), placebo and nocebo are the keys for future human development and survival as a species.

Anyone doubting this, refer, for example to the work of Wim Hof and Fiona Oakes.

(And then imagine the effect multiplied by several millions or several billions of people.)

Explore also Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration.

Zeitgeist is a powerful concept too.




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