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by Alan Chapman - Friday, 26 February 2021, 11:57 AM
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peoples covid inquiry

I use the grammar above because it is the website name:

Here was/is my question(s) for the first session of the Peoples Covid Inquiry:


Short version:

Does my partner's suicide in April 2015, like all suicides, continue to offer lessons and solutions for fixing our political and economic governance (including education, environment and international cooperation)?  

Longer version/more background:

I lost my partner Liane Ashberry to suicide in April 2015. 

Liane was an extraordinary angel and community outreach worker for troubled teenagers and families, a huge fundraiser for charities, a campaigner for justice, equality, love and peace; a singer-songwriter, a sensitive and nature-lover. 

Yet she died in debt and desperation and guilt, which is all part of the horrific taboo tip of our dysfunctional health and wellbeing systems - a generational suicidal cascade that very few dare even to explore or question. 

Liane was the mother of three teenage daughters. Her youngest, Ella, had died of bone cancer in 2009. 

Liane's two-day suicide inquest found many shocking causal failings in her treatment under the local NHS mental health crisis organisation, which spent vast monies and staffing resources in vigorously denying its failings. It behaved just like a nasty corporation. 

And these denials and data withholding created shameful additional suffering for Liane's loved ones, who had to work for months to assemble and fight our case. 

And so are we seeing simply the repeating and continuing of these failings - a social manslaughter - a genocide of the ravaged and vulnerable - as ever due to endless austerity and idiotic upheavals - the catastrophic interferences by government - the meddling of ignorant arrogant elitist ministers, lobbyists and private advisors, who put political power and profit for themselves and their friends ahead of public duty and the wisdoms and passions of the people in the NHS: the nurses and doctors who actually understand and can innovate and sustain its brilliant compassionate heritage; and all this extending to every other essential societal and educational public service that we once cherished and owned, that successive governments and parliaments seek to privatise and monetise, as their only actual aim?

(More at I've lived in this story and countless others in my suicide work since 2015.)