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by Alan Chapman - Tuesday, 3 August 2021, 8:28 AM
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near death experiences

Can we actually teach anything unless we have lived it?

I've never understood why so many men are gynaecologists.

A woman risks her life by conceiving a child. What can any man understand about this?

I took many life-threatening risks as a child and a young man.

I am certainly very lucky still to be alive; lucky to have survived beyond my 20s.

I can recall many incidents in my life when luck saved me from dying, and others when I had to find a way to avoid death by discovering a way to save myself.

I believe that these experiences earlier in my life, as a child and younger man, created a foundation of confidence in myself, and maybe also a trust in some sort of universal force, that enabled me to take much bigger risks with my own life, later in my life.

Other paths to peace are available :)