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by Alan Chapman - Sunday, 27 June 2021, 1:04 PM
Anyone in the world


Like anything I write, this is for myself.

Writing helps keep my peace, although increasingly my peace is not in words, nor searching for meaning.

Instead I accept there is no meaning these days.

'Being' excites me. Words increasingly defeat me.

When I explore 'meaning' I tend to find meaninglessness.

Interestingly there seems no clear derivation of 'mean' (in all its many meanings) except perhaps medieval Germanic English, from 'men' meaning 'mind' and 'think'.

This is so broad as to be useless, except perhaps to confirm that meaning is what we think it to be.


'Being' takes us to Eastern and ancient notions of life.

To arts, song, dance, nature, mindfulness, gratitude, abundance, peace, love, transcendence, and perhaps enabling this in others.

Life is very beautiful; miraculously and abundantly so.

And yet we seem at a stage - for humanity, evolution and cosmos - that time is standing still.

I suppose 'twas ever thus.

And so I try just to be.

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