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by Alan Chapman - Tuesday, 4 May 2021, 6:39 PM
Anyone in the world

life was for the young foolish me

The man I was,

is almost impossible for me to forgive,

now that I am more grown.

It is challenging,

realising now,

that the person I once imagined myself to be,

especially throughout my adult life,

is a person I now feel ashamed to have been.

Like each of us,

I was doing my best,

but my life seems to me,

a much better example of failure and foolishness,

than of anything good.

I am just beginning my life as a reborn person.

At an age that many people do not reach.

The person I am now forgives who I was, 

but also recognises,

that I was not someone I would want as a friend now.

I pity the man I was. 

And so,

life was for the young foolish me.

I wasted my life by believing I knew myself.

I did not. 

I see now that I wasted my life.

This is perhaps the best I can offer,

from my wasted life:

An example of how not to live.

Love every beautiful moment.

Love yourself as you are, 

not who you think you should be.

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