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by Alan Chapman - Saturday, 15 May 2021, 12:47 PM
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life change

This is about life and what is changing.

It is helpful to keep in mind the expression: "Follow the money."

Money enables the power that determines mostly how we live, and how we are educated and informed.  

Also keep in mind how we are evolved and designed to live:

We are designed and evolved, physically, emotionally and societally, over the many tens of thousands of years that modern humans (Homo sapiens) have existed on this planet. 

This is very different to how most people actually live in the 21st century.

wealth is concentrated in a tiny number of people

A very small number of people possess almost all of the money in the world.

This has been so for hundreds of years.

This wealth enables power and control beyond most people's imaginings.

This wealth has become increasingly concentrated - held by a very tiny number of families - in the past few years - especially in the lifetime of our young people.

This wealth controls business, education, media, national and international policies, and nearly everything that is organised on this planet, including the law and the military.

Governments change laws.

Money controls governments.

And people - all of us - can control governments - if we choose to. 

Over hundreds of years, systems of government have been created: locally, nationally and internationally.

These systems mostly protect governments and their own interests, not the interests of people who pay for the salaries and expenses of the politicians.

Vast corporations are part of these systems.

Politicians at every level are dependent on these corporations - for publicity, other support, and also for work and other benefits outside of politicians' duties as public servants.

Many politicians' interests conflict with their duties to serve the people - all of us - who pay their salaries and expenses.

Many politicians have earned vast fortunes working for big business before they enter politics, and many politicians earn vast fortunes from big business after they leave politics.

Follow the money.

addiction, dependence, health and education

Over several hundreds of years the corporations have learned how to produce and promote highly addictive products that cause most people to become dependent on them.

These products when consumed beyond moderate levels  - which is generally so - cause many people to develop illnesses and lifestyles that are unhealthy.

Most obviously these products include:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Fats
  • Flavour enhancers
  • Harmful chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Modern technologies (cars, smartphones, etc.)

I wonder how many people understand that we all support the systems and politicians that enslave us.

Politicians are mostly motivated by their own interests.

Their interests depend on being elected and tolerated while in power - by the people they serve - that's all of us.

To be continued.

Think about this and join the dots....

Follow the money.

How do you live?

How are you evolved and designed to live?

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