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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 19 May 2021, 9:11 PM
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life change 2

Please read all of this, especially through to the happy ending :) 

Life as a human, to me seems to be: 

  • the acceptance of our dying, or 
  • ceasing our resistance to the fact that we are dying,
  • from the moment we are born.

It is a sort of 'journey' of self-discovery.

"Oh, I see, I was born with nothing, naked, and basically alone by default, completely blank;

and that's basically how I'll die. 

I will die my own death, perhaps with loved ones, not dying, around me, 

but actually whatever, I will die my own death,

and I am the only one who can hold my hand when I leave.

I must let everything and everyone go at that time." 

Think about it, and maybe say:

"I must let everyone and everything go when I die."

How does that feel?

Perhaps you prefer not to say it.

Perhaps you'd like a drink or cigarette.

Think about it.

There are other ways.

We can grow up to acceptance and grateful abundance, not despair and sedation.

Of course when we are born we do not understand that we are alive.

A baby does not fear death, in the way an older child or adult does (typically extremely fearfully).

A baby is comfortable being vulnerable, and dependent on others.

Children start to fear death when they see parents and adults fearful of death.

Children also have passions and natural creative abilities,

and these are the clues as to what help keep us well,

throughout our later life.

A small child does not need a drink or a cigarette.

As we age and progress towards death, we either accept it (which seems rare),

or we behave as if death only happens to other people, 

and certainly not to young people who are significant and close to us. 

As we age we become more enslaved.

We have children and grandchildren,

and we are conditioned to believe,

that we must take responsibility for our children far beyond their childhood and young adult years.

Does this help or hinder the growth of our children.

That we cannot let them go,

to grow for themselves.


Grief, through the loss of a loved one, 

is a big opportunity for personal growth,

although mostly these days grief is treated as an illness,

and medications such as sleeping tablets and anti-depressants are prescribed.

Grief is not an illness.

Nor is neurodiversity,

especially sensitivity,

that's labelled by governments and big business,

in words like autism and Asperger's,

and Alzheimer's too,

in many wrong ways.

Those who choose to,

can label themselves,

and live magically,

as a genius, 






and anything you want,

that's positive and uplifting to you.

And then you will be.  

The pharmaceutical and medical industry makes a fortune from labelling people as ill,

and ordinary people are persuaded to become more addicted to harmful habits,

than they typically already are.

Many people drink too much alcohol, coffee, 

and smoke tobacco or inhale harmful chemicals,

and consume too much fat, salt, sugar, 

and many harmful chemicals,

because big business and governments conspire to sedate people, 

and make them ill, and dependent on state and medical support,

rather than educate people as to how to look after their own health for free.

Follow the money, 

is always the big clue,

as to whose interests are being served,

when governments and big business tell us what's good for us.

We are told what's good for us, 

by systems and people in these systems,

that have been designed over hundreds of years.

Yes people are designed too.

People are designed in education systems,

that are designed by governments and big business.


some people are designed to be sociopathic,



to be leaders in politics,

and big business,

and banks. 


and wilfully.

Just like a genocide,

or holocaust,

that endures and repeats,

over centuries.

Whose victims increasingly conspire in sustaining these murderous systems.

And so governments and big business,

which channel wealth, 

in the form of debt mainly,

to enrich the very few people who own nearly all the wealth already,

have much greater interest in people being ill and addicted,

and poorly educated,

than in helping people become less fearful about death.


The more afraid of death people are,

then the easier they are to manipulate,

and to subjugate and suppress,

and to dominate and control,

so that the power of the hidden bankers is not understood, 

and certainly not challenged in any meaningful way.   

Until now...

The happy ending.

The coronavirus/Covid-19 panic is the most serious and final attempt,

of the globalists (bankers and their mechanisms),

to cling to what they've managed to accumulate,

 in wealth and power,

over 500 years and more.

And to subjugate the feminine spirit,

for 10,000 years,

when cities began,

and governments and banking,

became the power,

to brainwash and enslave.

The reason they are fighting so hard,

is because they believe they are losing.

(Although they lost along time ago, 

if they ever truly won,

because death comes to us all,

and those who cannot let go,

of greed and power,

die dribbling and scared,

whereas those who know both life and death,

and know the moment,

and the beauty of love,

and gratitude and abundance,

die well and peacefully.

This is a different sort of power,

that cannot be bought.)

This is why they started the nonsense of coronavirus and Covid-19.  

So, about death...

Where we fear death, we remain under the control of systems.

And we fear ourselves and life too.

We fear death, and so we fear coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a virus.

Covid-19 is the disease that develops from coronavirus, if we are very ill already. 

Stress can make people very very ill.

Fear causes stress. 

And so fearlessness is a great protection;

a super natural immunity,

to be able to manage and reduce stress.

The myth of separate brain and body.

More deeply, 

when we come to terms with our mortality and dying,

we then love every moment of life, 

and not be imprisoned by our fears.

We can do this in many different ways.

Simply living is one way.

Many billions of people are already completely blissful, 

simply living,

in the moment, 



Just giving their time and thoughts,

to living.

If you want to try a different approach,

Perhaps let go some things and see how it feels.

Letting go things,

especially things that keep us a prisoner,

can help to move us towards a more fearless life,

and eventually to a good death,

that we accept and embrace, 

rather than resist when our time actually comes,

because we do not live for ever,

and importantly show this and teach it to our children, 

that by accepting our mortality, 

and the mortality of everyone else,

and the uncertainty which is the reality in which we all live,

at all times,

is how we keep our freedom and independence,

by living more as we are evolved,

and not how we are manipulated and conditioned to think.

Whatever you do,

know that the bankers have already lost.

We are seeing the final skirmishes,

in an evolutionary struggle, 

so that humanity is already becoming more loving and fair,

so that wealth, however it is counted and exchanged,

is held equally,

not just by a few elite families. 

Humans have created a world in which there is enough for all of us.

In which every person can do some enjoyable work,

and mostly play and dance and grow, 

and enjoy doing whatever we are born gifted to do,

and which changes as we grow,

and to live peacefully.

To live fearlessly and lovingly.

By reading this,

you help make this happen.


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