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by Alan Chapman - Monday, 15 June 2020, 10:50 AM
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John Prine and Deep Moving Works

This is John Prine's last recorded song. 

He is near death, as he had lived for many years, where the greatest works are made (regardless of a person's age). 

John Prine is one of the most loved and copied original artists by the greatest more famous artists, who tend to be less original.

Little Richard and the early black blues music makers, descended in their living memory from Africa and the European/American slavery industry, are other examples.  

Fame is not the measure of greatness. Ego is often a detractor, although the extraversion/introversion of artists who move audiences is complicated. Prine stayed very pure.

John Prine's work and life story are deeply inspirational.

Like much true greatness his work will be appreciated and taught increasingly in the future.

This is the same for many other creative visionaries who move the masses and human systems, when the masses grow wise enough, long after the creative visionaries die.

Da Vinci died believing himself to be a failure. So did Turing and Semmelweis, and millions, billions of other people - brilliant in so many different ways - who do not have a voice, or whose voices are unheard or silenced due to bias, inequality, marginalisation and the ignorance of human systems. 


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