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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 7:31 AM
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It's Okay

In uncertainty, it's good to focus on calm.

Reminding ourselves of everything that's good in our lives - and especially that the difficult stuff, no matter how tough, is how we grow stronger, wiser, accepting, grateful, and so more fearless and loving.  

Some song lyrics, to help:

It's Okay (Alan Chapman 2020) 

It's okay to cry a little tear sometimes,

To want somebody near sometimes.

It's okay-ee-ee, it's okay-ee 

It's okay to hold somebody dear sometimes,

Those big and bold ideas sometimes,

It's okay-ee-ee, it's okay-ee 

It's okay to touch and feel the fear sometimes,

Changing gear sometimes, it's okay, it's okay,

It's okay-ee-ee, it's okay-ee 

 It's okay smiling singing dancing through all these times,

You can laugh the whole damn while, it's okay,

It's okay-ee-ee, it's okay-ee 

It's okay keep on laughing if you're on your own (it's how we grow),

It's okay, you're the water you're the stone, 

You're the wind, you're the fire..        You're the stars....   

It's okay to slow life down sometimes,

To let it go, all the strife sometimes

It's okay-ee-ee, it's okay-ee 

It's okay-ee-ee, it's okay-ee 

Being recorded for release later in 2020.

Thanks Shaz Collier for 2020/Love artwork (made with coffee dregs incidentally).

Uncertainty is what we feel in grief - grief at letting go what we have come to rely on - whether a relationship, a way of life, a person, a part or use of our mind or body, hopes and dreams, etc.

These are all, actually, changes in life that is by nature uncertain. 

It is only the illusion of human systems that persuades us of any certainty or control. 

And so by experiencing and dealing with uncertainty, we grow to understand that nothing is permanent, not even the universe(s), or whatever is constructed by human thought to explain the inexplicable.

So it's okay - smile, sing, dance, and laugh your way through it all - because it is all life, until we go discover the wonders beyond. 



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