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by Alan Chapman - Sunday, 16 August 2020, 12:27 PM
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UK Covid Lessons - for government re-design 

UK government still retains much of the power structures and culture first established by William the Conqueror after the 1066 Norman invasion and the 1086 Domesday Book.

The invasions and occupations of the Vikings and Romans in earlier British history did not colonize and transform Britain lastingly. The Romans and Vikings made some big changes for sure, surviving today mostly in archaeology and place-names, but mostly they left Britain to revert to its own ways.

The Normans were radically different. They stayed and transformed Britain wholly and irreversibly, establishing a platform for power that ultimately swept over the globe, and whose consequences we wrestle with today.  

The English ruling class reinforced its wealth and power - and conditioning of society - by the land-grabbing Enclosure Acts (1604-1900s), and then the Industrial Revolution, which moved the farm slaves - the peasant farmers turned into feudal serfs by the Normans - into the factories. Agricultural workers became industrial workers. That's all of us incidentally - now mostly turned into technology workers. 

This happened alongside the making of the British Empire, Imperialism, the African slavery trade, and many wars to capture and exploit lands, peoples, and valuable resources - and this became the basis of today's English political leadership.

Now in 2020, archaic English governance persists more ruthlessly than ever, with 'free-market' big business economics, united inseparably.

Wealth creation - for whom?

Euphemistically called 'wealth creation' by governments, the wealth accrues as always only to the elite few. 

The House of Lords, knighthoods, the judiciary, and other centuries-old British legacies ensure the increasing exploitation of workers in the UK, and overseas, by the rich and powerful in government, because of their wealth and privilege, rather than any interest beyond their own. 

These supposed 'leaders' certainly have very little talent, zero humanity, and by all normal definitions are mentally ill: psychopathic, narcissistic, pathological deceitful and manipulative, sociopathic, deluded, retarded. 

Scared little boys in men's bodies with posh accents and big words. The ungrown.

But they are very wealthy and well-connected and part of a confidence trick - perfected by Eton/Oxbridge -  that allows a tiny few to dominate many billions.  

All this rotten elitism and pointless fearful greed still underpins the UK's nasty example to a world.

And while globalized connected control tightens, UK politics increasingly supports the most wealthy, to the increasing cost and ill-health of everyone else.

This is the digital holocaust, and the UK's political leaders are pivotal in the ravaging and slaughter.

This is tens of millions nationally, globally, becoming billions in our lifetime. The 40% of all deaths globally due to the addictions and pollutions that feed the corporate greed, that pulls the strings of our political puppets.

And so it's time for change.

One of the many benefits of the Covid bubble is that it shows the deeply inept deluded recklessness of the British political system, as never before. 

I'm a simple man, but I do understand quite a lot about life and death, mainly via suicide.

Suicide is a helpful perspective, to see things quite deeply.  

30 years studying and educating about life, work, leadership, etc., helps too.

A few interesting things ...

Here are some interesting things helpful for questioning the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic.

Censorship - Censorship of media began early in the pandemic coverage. Censorship means that leaders are keen to hide information. It also means that propaganda is happening, which means that the truth is being hidden, which means that truth can be uncovered when we look.

Hypocrisy and credibility - When leaders and 'experts' act with double-standards this is basically lying. There are widespread examples of leaders and advisors not following their own rules, and of lying when challenged. Hypocrisy and lying means that trust and credibility are unreliable, which is very worrying in any leadership. If leaders are lying, and are not credible or reliable then we cannot trust them, and we must look for truth ourselves, rather than accept what is told to us.

Waffle and evasiveness - Politicians always tend to evade questions - it's in their nature and training - but in very serious matters it's very disturbing when a leader in government cannot give a straight answer to a straight question. This has happened throughout the pandemic in the UK. Boris Johnson is a professionally experienced communicator, so he knows what communicating is, and he has plenty of expert advisors who understand communications extremely well. So when there is waffle and evasiveness, there is intentional deception, or there is incompetence, or both. 

Irreconcilable facts - This is when figures and facts and statistics 'don't add up', or things simply don't make sense.  Some irreconcilable facts, figures and statistics:

The Covid-19 death rates in all countries are incredibly low for such a supposedly deadly dangerous disease.

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has been likened by experts and leaders to Spanish Flu (1918-21), which killed about 100 million people globally, or about 5% of the world's population (of 1.8bn). 

Several months into this pandemic, over 150 countries have Covid-19 death rates of less than 100 people per million of population. 100 people per million of population is 0.01%, or one in 10,000. The world as a whole has a Covid death rate of 98 per million people. Globally, less than one in 10,000 (at 16 Aug 2020).

Some countries have exceptionally low Covid death rates, for example: New Zealand (3 deaths per million people), Nigeria (5), Cuba (8), Japan (9), Greece (22), India (37). 

You can see for yourself on any reputable statistics website the extraordinarily low death rates - in many countries with relatively basic healthcare systems - and also see many more reliable statistics. 

Only about 15 nations have a Covid death rate of more than 400 per million of population. Most of these countries have modern healthcare systems, not generally well-funded or supported by governments (notably UK), and ageing populations, with comorbidities (multiple illnesses) including especially obesity from unhealthy fatty sugary salty diets, and unhealthy lifestyles. Among these vulnerable people are many of the particularly poor and 'BAME' (Black Asian minority ethnic) people who seem especially susceptible to Covid, as they would be to any respiratory illness, and in fact any illness. Stress and poor sleep, polluted environments, and addictions to alcohol, pharmaceticals and tobacco, are also common among such people, which adds to risk.   

The officially reported UK death rate at 16 Aug 2020 is 609 per million, which is 0.06%, or six people per 1000.  You will see later and below explained why probably this figure is greatly inflated, by misreporting of other deaths, many of which are due to other causes in the lockdown.

About 30 million people flew into the UK from overseas in the three months before the UK lockdown. Many came from China - including 2000 from Wuhan in January - and from other parts of the world which had high infection rates.

Coronavirus survives (and remains contagious) on hard surfaces for more than a day, and likely for a few days. For example and notably, door handles, and other things that people touch a lot.

Think of all the packaging and products that came into the UK from China in the months before the UK lockdown. Think about all the hard surfaces in the UK that the 30 million people touched/contaminated before the lockdown. Think about all the unmasked social contacting and hugging and kissing that happened between all these 30 million people, overlapping and not socially distancing at all with the UK population of about 67 million. And all the children in schools, and all the people in hospitals, and everywhere. Before the lockdown... months of unhindered oblivious spreading... 

No wonder so many people say, "I've already had it, a bad cold/flu, back in December/January/February/whenever..."  

Over 40,000 people on the UK died from flu in the bad flu seasons of 1999/2000 and 2014/15. Covid is a very bad flu, probably (because we don't know yet how much further the death numbers and will be adjusted downwards - they will not be adjusted upwards that's for sure), but the numbers already known for many weeks mean very clearly and simply that Spanish Flu was much more dangerous: Spanish Flu killed 100 million of a 1.8billion population. Covid has killed, and likely will kill, less than one million of a 7.7bn population. Spanish Flu was at least 500 times more fatal than Covid, and my guess is it will be proven to be a thousand times more fatal than Covid. 

According to the numbers, whatever way you interpret them, Covid seems to be a bit worse than an average flu. If you disagree then I suggest you look at the actual numbers, rather than believing the newspapers, or their friends, our political leaders. Follow the money.

Over 100 UK doctors and nurses die by suicide every year, and many more care workers too. This is a key fact.

The UK government never bothered about this, and so the dramatic government updates and media news reports and headlines about similar numbers dying from Covid-19 were very strange, especially when we consider that the NHS employs 1.4million people. Do the math.

And why is the government not explaining that young people need not be scared of dying of Covid?

The last time i checked, only three people in the UK under age 19 had died 'with' or from Covid. 

The Daily Telegraph reported earlier in August that the chance of dying from Covid in the UK for under-70s is less than the chance of being killed by lightning. Other similar reputable reports have been emerging about Covid's real risk for several months, but not on the BBC, nor from the UK government. 

I began reading several weeks ago about countries and US states seeing continuing steady declines in Covid deaths after lockdown restrictions were eased. 

Norway's lockdown has been so successful that hardly anyone is dying of anything and some undertakers are going out of business.

As my wise friend in New Zeland says (which had a very well managed and explained lockdown, led by their female prime minister).. "We have to let it in one day..."

Indeed. I'm not anti-vax, but I'm very cynical about the motives of those who will gain most from vaccinations.

I wonder also why the UK government, with all its top health advisors has so determinedly avoided giving any health advice - about how to strengthen your immune system by eating and sleeping well, and exercising, etc. 

Of course. That wouldn't frighten anyone. That's why.  

Sweden and Japan did not impose lockdowns and instead educated the public about health. Neither country has a Covid death rate % as high as the UK, and Japan's Covid death rate is extraordinarily low.

Sweden admits they made mistakes in care homes. 

So did the UK. In fact the UK government made mistakes at basically every opportunity, so that it's very difficult to think of anything that Boris and his band of 'yes-boys' (they are not men by any proper definition) have done right, except enable the wealthy powerful to become more wealthy and powerful. 

Fans of the Furlough scheme should do the math, and also look at ExcludedUK, the millions of self-employed and other people excluded from any help scheme, and left without anything except an enforced life-change, and for some the contemplation or actual completion of suicide as an alternative to misery, debt, homelessness, etc.

We must accept that old frail people are killed by flu. Old frail ill people die. We cannot keep people alive for ever, even though big business and politicians want us to believe this is possible, because big business makes billions from prolonging people's lives far beyond the time and reduction of life quality by which a loved pet or valuable racehorse would be put down.

Fear of dying drives the Anthropocene, ultimately, which is another story and blog post.

For months 'experts' and politicians have been warning that Covid would ravage Africa and kill millions. This has not happened and most of Africa has extremely low Covid death rates. This is another key indicator that things don't make sense as presented by our UK political leaders.

Also very significant, is that the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic began in China in November 2019, at the latest. France recorded its first case in November 2019. And Coronavirus (any variety really) is extremely contagious.

In today's highly connected world, how long does it take for a cold or flu to transmit throughout a population. It's a matter of a few weeks. Especially as we are told that Coronavirus is so dangerously contagious. 

I'll not ask why masks have become 'mandatory' (not law actually) now, rather than before and during the peak...   Or why there are no mask bins for safe disposal, if a loaded mask can kill.

You perhaps see, none of this adds up or makes sense when we look at the whole picture, and all of it is actually highly irreconcilable.

I'm not suggesting a government conspiracy with Bill Gates, or with anyone else. I'm suggesting incompetence and arrogance, of profound proportions, that is unique to the UK because of our medieval political system that prefers retarded boys to run the country, instead of sensible human beings.  

Finally, almost...

A million people die of suicide globally every year (WHO stats of 800,000 are grossly under-reported due to stigma, etc). Covid-19 will kill less than this. 

No governments are very interested in suicide. 

More starkly, pollution kills about 8 million globally every year. Indoor pollution is as dangerous as outdoors and much evidence says more so (lockdown... not such a good idea...)

Interestingly most UK Covid deaths are on the east side of big cities - rather like the mapping of suicides - it's where the poor live usually, where the dirty winds blow. The poorly paid, the poorly educated. The most ravaged. Covid is a respiratory illness. Interesting. Governments are responsible for this. It's part of the nation's health. What a mess these idiots have made. 

Chequers is lovely though. All other Covid ICU patients leave in a wheelchair. Boris should get more sleep though or he'll end up like Thatcher and Reagan, dribbling in his dotage.    

Road deaths kill nearly 2 million. Should we all stop using our cars?

Then there's tobacco, alcohol, fat, salt, poor lifestyle.. obesity, diabetes..  these are all killers of many millions of people every year, and governments actually support the big corporations causing these deaths.

As I say. It doesn't add up.

This is a desperately fearful inept government, transferring its fear and confusion to the people it governs, through the fearful ranks of the modern-day ghetto managers, trapped and frightened, daring not to risk the reputation and luxury of their empty lives. 

This is actually more pathetic than medieval analogies, because the modern-day middle-strata managers, who interpret and enforce the top-down pronouncements from above, and extract wealth/production from the ordinary workers, would poo their pants if ever they had to hold a sword, or fight or survive in a true sense. 


Truth and lessons must emerge 

When a proper inquiry is held into the UK Government's handling of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, and UK media becomes more free to examine, question, interpret, analyse and report truth instead of propaganda, these are some of the truths that will emerge.

Lessons must be learned. 

Mainly the lesson is that we need a different sort of government in the UK, and in most of the world too.

We need a more vigilant and informed public, and a better educated youth.

More fundamentally we must improve how we educate our children - to be independent thinkers, rather than merely customers and debt fodder for the university big business machine, the banks that buy the government debtors, and for other industries that exploit the ignorance and dependence, and lack of self-belief that British government conditions in its people.

The disastrous effects of UK politics, worsening for many decades, are due to systemic and intentional failings of leadership based on elitism, arrogance, ignorance, denialism and insecurity - all driven by wealth and power, much unseen.

UK government and its leaders are a stubborn enduring legacy of British colonialism, imperialism and war-making. 

Incidentally wars are now mostly fought by corporations rather than armies, and millions more are dying than ever before. 

25 million people die every year globally in these wars - of pollution and diseases of big business, much of which is supported and enabled, as a priority, by UK governments.   

Cameron, Blair, Johnson... these 'leaders' are basically little boys whose growth into men was stopped brutally at boarding school, then hidden and masked at Oxford or Cambridge and their highly privileged career paths thereafter.

These people are truly mentally sick. 

They talk with a posh accent, which the public considers to be intelligence, and understand British politics, and how to stay in power, and become more wealthy, but they do not really understand anything else.

They certainly do not understand real life, food banks, suicide, poverty, love and vulnerability. They only know their own world of privilege, wealth, comfort and elitism.

The decades of governments like this, with the media, and public brainwashing that supports it - the propaganda that starts conditioning children school - have created a system that is deeply corrupt: it's amoral, untruthful, unfair, unjust.

The UK now has some of the deepest poor health and education in the 'developed' world. 

A little-discussed reason for the UK's high death rates from/with Covid-19 - and any certainly other flu in the UK - is that the UK's health system has been under-funded and interfered with by government for decades. 

For the past 20 years at least, the NHS is nearly overwhelmed by flu every year!

UK quality of life, according to any scale and measuring, is worsening, especially compared with Europe and other 'developing' parts of the world. 

Health, education, economy, transport, environment, housing, lifestyle and wellbeing, etc., for most people in the UK, are all worsening, and this has been happening for decades.

We must hope and demand that the Covid-19 debacle is the turning point, towards a new sort of UK government and leadership - cooperation-led consensus politics - of the sort that's emerging successfully in more forward-thinking nations. 

1. Covid-19 statistics and numbers

Government statistics about coronavirus and Covid-19 during the pandemic of 2020 are shockingly different to true figures, and the government will be found to have misreported, misled, and created confusion (intentionally and incompetently) to an extreme and dangerous degree, contributing greatly to hardships, illnesses and deaths, and wider deeper longer-lasting harms and ravaging to UK society and economy. 

Death rates from Covid-19 are substantially lower than government reported numbers, estimates and predictions.

Deaths from non-Covid-19 causes are substantially higher than government reported numbers. 

Vastly more people had been exposed to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 virus than the government has estimated and reported. This will of course radically reduce the % fatality rate of the disease.

Covid-19 illness from exposure to the Coronavirus is and was substantially less common than government statistics, i.e., a much lower % of people developed the Covid-19 illness after exposure to the virus than reported by the government.

The numbers of people's deaths reported 'with' and 'due' to Covid-19 were grossly inflated, in large part due to pressures/systems on NHS reporting, so that many deaths with no Covid-19 cause were reported as 'with' or due to Covid. 

Deaths from non-Covid illnesses (heart disease, cancer, etc) were substantially higher than normal during and due to the government's handling of the pandemic lockdown. Many of these deaths were wrongly reported as Covid-19 deaths, which added to the apparent high numbers of deaths from Covid.

Large numbers of old and ill people died prematurely and avoidably from Covid-19 and non-Covid illness due to being discharged from hospitals into care homes, at the beginning of the preparations for a Covid-19 surge.  

The UK lockdown was recklessly too late and badly managed, creating far more ill-health than Covid-19, and appalling avoidable damages to the UK economy. 

Sweden and Japan, and much of the developing world, demonstrate that the lockdown approach was unnecessary and counter-productive.

Epidemiology computer modelling will be proven to be dangerous, as an instrument of government healthcare, and highly beneficial for the pharmaceuticals and banking industries.

The wealthy few will become far more wealthy very quickly after the pandemic, while everyone else will become much poorer.

During and especially after the pandemic, land and property - and increasingly personal information and private data - will become much more controlled and leveraged to produce wealth for the very wealthy, while creating ever-increasing costs, hardships and obstacles for everyone else.

None of these facts and statistics emerged clearly during the 2020 pandemic, but shall do afterwards.  

There are very many other huge discrepancies between government pronouncements/statistics compared with the true facts/figures, and very many other huge differences between government reporting and the truth. 

2. Distortion of law

Boris Johnson and his government continue to flout and distort UK law during the pandemic; a continuation of similar disregard for law during the Brexit campaign; and continuation of the Blair government's disregard for law in the Iraq War; and continuation of the Thatcher government's disregard for law in the Falklands War and that government's other abominations against morality and justice. 

The current distortions and wrongs by the government entail many different aspects of governance and communications, and in the use of police powers, and the threat or use of military power.

Read and watch what Lord Sumption says about it all.


3. Reporting, media and 'spin'

Spin is the light-hearted term for bias in communications, usually referring to government PR. It's actually more serious than that and is propaganda.

Systemic or more sinister reasons caused this over-reporting of Covid-19 deaths, and the higher than real death numbers certainly suited the government's aims to frighten and intimidate the public, society and infrastructures of life. 

The same applies for testing and the apparent numbers of infections, which gave radically worse impressions of the dangers of Covid-19. It will be found that testing itself caused the 'spikes'. An obvious proof of this is the absence of infections spike in Bournemouth (despite government warnings during the crowding to Bournemouth). There are countless other examples all around us when we look for what is real, rather than what is in the BBC news and in the mainstream press.

The testing of Covid-19 infections and antibodies will be found to be deeply flawed, in design and process and implementation, and in reporting too. 

Obviously big pharma is making hundreds of billions of dollars from all this, to add to the trillions it makes from drugs that people don't need and which make people sicker.

Look at the small-print and see the disclaimers. Anti-depressants create suicidal feelings. Not funny when someone close to you actually kills themselves.

I know many people who've lost loved ones and friends to suicide.

Usually causes are directly due to failings of governments. The people lost to suicide are 'normal' people like you and me. Often they are particularly hard-working, in the community, and often in the 3rd sector (charities and volunteering and non-profit, caring, etc., i.e., not state or private industry).

The bereaved become powerfully fearless and say and think things like: "Cameron, Osborne; Johnson and Sunak; Blair and all....  austerity architects, war-mongers and deserters - you have oceans of blood on your hands, and I will see you in hell.." 

Many can forgive the idiocy of politicians, because there's a recognition that the system is wrong, that puts retarded boys in charge of countries, but they want governance to change, to be more cooperative and constructive, and to work towards improving life for everyone, rather than politics being about staying in power, and accumulating wealth for the already super-wealthy. It's this pattern that needs changing. 

These suicides - and most suicides - are caused entirely by pressures of government austerity, inequality, free-market corporate greed that pushes addictions, and government cuts and chaotic interference in, and privatization of health services. Follow the money. Good honest hard-working people have been dying of what governments do and fail to do, for decades.

"Remember, I'm the fearless one. I've already been to hell and back. You are the little boys who shit your pants rather than look me in the eyes, or look in the eyes of any others bereaved by your psychopathic idiocy."

"You will one day die dribbling, imbeciles, begging for a God. I pity and forgive you, but we must end this ridiculous system that allows maniacs to govern us."     

The 'governance by fear' (systemic and intentional - mixed in various degrees and ways) which characterized the leadership style of the UK government, is of course continuation, amplification and acceleration of previous UK governments default to 'rule by fear'.

Notably I cite the leaderships of Cameron, Blair, Thatcher - respectively austerity post-2008 crash; Blair's  'War on Terror' collusion with the huge US business war machine; and Thatcher's Falklands crusade, the Miners' Strike and obliteration, and the Poll Tax.

"I'll see you in hell too Tony Blair, and you will also shit your pants when real life finally visits you."   

It's not about political party, like racism is not about black and white, or brown, and anti-semitism is not about Jews and non-Jews. It's about whether a person is good and kind or not, and this transcends race, colour, creed, ethnicity, religion.

When Hitler's Nazis put the Jews and other Holocaust victims into the ghettos, the Nazi bosses appointed nasty Jews to oversee their own people, and to decide who'd go to the death camps and who'd go to the labour camps. 

Power does this. Today power does this. Governments don't need to dirty their hands, or be directly implicated - they find nasty people in the middle strata to pay to do it instead.

So we have media executives, and the professional classes, who implement the political strategies of the puppets, of the moguls and oligarchs who pull the strings. Those who dare not speak out against government idiocy and injustice - because they are frightened and paid, and climbing the stinking greasy pole.   

The distortion and censorship of mainstream/mass media reporting (notably newspapers and BBC) under pressure by the UK  government is a significant factor in the methods of government. It's propaganda. It supports governments and their inaccurate views, of the pandemic, and of everything else. All mass media, including social media, generally follows government instructions. Some media very agreeably supports and motivates government fear-led narratives; other media does as the government says or coerces, because simply media leaders and journalists choose to keep their jobs. It's a sort of prostitution of the soul. Social media, notably the big tech corporations, of course have their own agendas and are beyond UK government control; in fact UK government is more controlled by and influenced by the wealth and power of big tech, and big media, than vice-versa. Big tech is the new slavery. The new brainwashing. The new addiction to a pattern of self-fulfilling dependency. People adhere and comply, because people adhere and comply. 

As ever UK government and big business are basically the same thing. Of course. Slavery, Empire. War. Big pharma. Politics and big business. Wealth and power. It is global. From the Norman Conquest to Big Tech and Big Pharma. Britain's slavery leadership became the model for the world, and remains so.   

4. Reasons and lessons

Nick Duffell's excellent 2014 book 'Wounded Leaders' explains very well why and how UK governments and their leaders behave as they do, and how this has become systemic and catastrophic in the UK.

The main points are that UK governments have for decades been led by men who have been educated for a life of politics, at private boarding school, then Oxford or Cambridge. They are taught to debate and talk and to win arguments using bluster and arrogance, and a posh accent.

These people significantly then also have the backing of big business and finance - ultimately the most wealthy and powerful people in the UK and globally.

These people - and Boris Johnson is a very good example - are intensely insecure. The insecurity comes from their childhood, emotionally damaging schooling, and privileged upbringing - plenty of money but no love. Insecure leaders fear opposition and so appoint compliant team-members: 'yes men'; other insecure wannabe leaders in their own image, who are also products of the same educational system, and understand the rules of the game: politics, power, money, big business.

It is ultimately about big business. 

It's about pleasing the most wealthy and powerful, who basically control the world's politics, finance, business, military and media.

This is essentially the same globally, although the UK is extreme in its polarized approach to politics, and its resistance to cooperation and consensus; and this is very definitely directly due to the type of education our political leaders experience, and which ensures they have an easy path to political success. 

So ask yourself... 

Do you want to continue to be led by a bunch of retarded schoolboys? 

Or are there ways to re-design government in the UK?

It's our lives they are screwing up, and only we can fix it, because they - these retarded elitist ungrown puppet-boys, pontificating in their power suits that are completely illusory - certainly have no interest in changing anything. 


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