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by Alan Chapman - Thursday, 13 August 2020, 11:51 AM
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The Digital Holocaust

I suggest the present 'information age' be renamed the 'digital holocaust'. 

Here's why:

  1. Digital refers to computerization.
  2. The main way that the wealthy powerful few extract value from us all, and reduce our quality and duration of life, is now by the control of our thinking, in addition to the control of our physical work and activities.  

In other words:

The computerization of information about us all, enables the wealthy powerful few to exploit, hurt and kill us, on a scale that far exceeds any holocaust in history.

So, this is the 'digital holocaust'.

Luddite, not...

I'm not a Luddite.

A Luddite is a technology hater/wrecker.

Ned Ludd was from Anstey, Leics., my home/workbase since 1991.

Humans are miraculous, because we create, technology, beauty, etc. 

From stone tools to machine learning; music, dance, inventions and playthings, universe and beyond.

Technology, inventions, and our creativity help us be human and happy.

Use it all wisely. 

Basic simple proof of the 'digital holocaust'  

The most basic simple proof of the digital holocaust is that:

1. Every year across the world at least 25 million people suffer illness, pain, then death, that is all premature and preventable. These 25 million deaths are c. 40% of total 60 million who die globally each year. 

2. These c.25m deaths globally annually are caused by diseases produced and sustained by the politics and economics of the digital (computer) age, notably and mainly:

  • lung disease, due to pollution and tobacco, 
  • heart disease caused by fat, salt, sugar, chemicals, alcohol, stress, and poor diet, 
  • obesity, poor lifestyle, addictions to drugs and gambling,
  • road traffic accidents, suicides, societal violence, abuse, and grief
  • related inflammation (brain/body feedbacks), mental illnesses, and harmful treatments
  • famines, diseases and conflicts, due to economics and climate change

All of this is driven by:

  • propaganda, bias and misinformation,
  • fear, denialism, social division,
  • poor education and ignorance (systemic/intentional subjugation),
  • incompetent, selfish insecure, 'wounded' leadership (psychopathy, narcissism, male bias, etc),  
  • addictions, dependencies and hopelessness of the modern 'big business' age (esp. 'big pharma'),
  • distortions and control of language, media, and meanings by the wealthy powerful.


Please use the points below to provoke your own curiosity, to ask your own questions, and to explore for yourself the truths about all this.

Below follows some points I'm still refining, to make more concise.

The information age is also called the 'digital age', and more recently the 'Internet age'.

'The Holocaust' refers mostly to the Nazi Holocaust (1941-45), which killed c. 6 million European Jews and other persecuted peoples such as gypsies, mental ill, homosexuals, etc.

The Nazi Holocaust - the Hebrew term is 'Shoah' = catastrophe - is the most famous holocaust, so that many people don't know there have been other holocausts.

The modern use of the word holocaust ultimately equates to genocide, or the killing of vast numers of people, as the eventual outcome after prior exploitation, disempowering, 'othering', dispossessing, physical and mental ravaging, rape, torture, starvation, segregation, imprisonment, etc. 

The word 'holocaust' - meaning 'destruction or slaughter on a mass scale' (OED) - came into English over 500 years ago from French, earlier Latin and originally Greek, holokauston, from holos = whole, and 'kaustos' = burnt. Historically holocaust derives from and referred to Jewish sacrificial offering burnt on an altar, adapted and interpreted from earlier ancient Greek religious practice.

The proposition of the 'digital holocaust' alludes to and compares with the Nazi Holocaust in terms of a fuller understanding of the Nazi Holocaust than (probably) is generally appreciated...

The Nazi Holocaust was certainly a profoundly horrific vast genocide, and importantly:

The Nazi Holocaust began much earlier than 1941 in Nazi Germany, as part of the establishment of Hitler's Third Reich rise to power.

The Nazi Holocaust began with very similar political methods and characteristics as we see in England and UK  in 2020, for example:

  • The delegation of the holocaust management via middle-class/professional executive people in the high pay and therefore high loyalty to government leaders. Note the Nazi appointment of Jewish managers of the Nazi Holocaust ghettos, e.g., to decide the Jews for the labour camps and Jews for the death camps. Compare with the delegation of healthcare, media, local government, corporations, to enforce illegal government policy.  
  • UK society had suffered several years of severe economic and financial austerity (after the 2008/09 financial collapse and recession) - like 1930s Nazi Germany, in severe economic hardship after punitive 1st World War outcomes - all this creates intense societal discontent and therefore enthusiasm to blame and harm 'others'.  The leverage of this by 2020 UK government and 1930 Nazis is basically the same.  
  • England's political leadership - the Cameron/May/Johnson governments - increasingly government by fear and division, and misinformation/propaganda, exhibited strongly by the austerity media/measures/justifications post-2008 crash; then the Johnson/Cummings-led Brexit referendum (based strongly on blaming/'othering' of immigrants, and lies about EU laws/finances).
  • All autocratic governments offer no transparency. They operate extremely secretively and protect their secrecy very firmly, including issuing misinformation. Conversely the human rights and privacy of all the people governed are wide open to the government, and all this data/information is exploited to the fullest possible benefit of the government and its associated forces of economic power. In the modern age this is made possible to unimaginable extents by digital technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the secret collusions and agreements between governments and big business, notaby the digital technology and media corporations.
  • Laws are ignored by governments and its ministers, and significantly nowadays, laws are largely out of date. Significantly data-privacy laws are still based on named individuals - i.e., being able to match data to a named person - while now matching data to name is completely unnecessary in harvesting and using data for commercial/marketing purposes.        
  • Incidentally and significantly too, the Blair governments, especially the governance of the 'War on Terror'/Iraq War, was basically the same - extreme right-wing - high media/propaganda; government lies and distortion; 'othering' (of Muslims especially); high fear via mass media (of terrorism and 'weapons of mass destruction'); conspiracy with big business (which benefited £/$hundreds of billions from the war and 'rebuilding'); illegal UK government policies, disregard for law, parliamentary process, and public/protest.  
  • The use of PR and media - propaganda and strong imagery/semiotics, subliminal influencing - especially social media advertising/marketing, 'nudge theory', and 'thought/language control', e.g., 'Get Brexit Done', rather than education about the facts. Distortion of legal process as part of Brexit. Basically ignoring the law, for example proroguing parliament (shutting it down, to stop legal parliamentary process/debates, etc). 
  • Corruption and nepotism and appointment of 'yes-men' to ministerial positions, thus avoiding any question/challenge from within. This is all very similar to the way the Nazi government  - and any dictatorial government - was/is formed. Frightened little psychopathic narcissistic bureaucrats - mostly men - basically mentally ill; the products of damaging childhoods, too much wealth, completely disconnected from real life and real people. 
  • Conspiring and colluding secretly with big business and mainstream media to distort truth and information for the public. Again the Nazi Holocaust was built on this.
  • UK (Johnson/Cummings) government reactions to 'coronavirus pandemic' became increasingly like the Nazi Holocaust preparations and administration, notably: using police as instrument of government fear, far outside of actual law. Also the many hypocrisies of the leadership and senior advisors and managers are very similar among weak autocratic governments everywhere.  
  • In the Nazi Holocaust and Johnson's 2020 pandemic government we see threats and mobilization of the armed forces as extension of government power. Throughout the ages, governments use the military, as bigger back-up to the police, to subdue the people, by threat or in practice. Thatcher did it. So did Blair. 
  • Intentional/systemic confusion embedded into crucial official government communications about the pandemic and health advice. The selection and distortion and dissemination of 'expert' and 'scientific' information, so as to support the government's personal aims (power and control) - rather than to educate. At no time has Johnson's government really educated about health. All communications have simply frightened and confused - partly due to systemic incompetence, and partly due to narcissistic/biased arrogance and recklessness. It's societal murder, essentially. 
  • The censoring/controlling of all mass media so that only government-approved messages can be accessed easily by the public. The neglect of the most needy in economic measures, and the conspiring with big business to exploit the pandemic for the benefit of wealth and power.
  • It is possible to explore and identify lots more similarities if you read about the Nazi Holocaust, and what's actually happening in the pandemic, UK and globally. To do so, please, you must look much deeper than the mainstream media nonsense, which is simply an extension of government.  

The catastrophic extremes of the Nazi Holocaust was a continuation of the persecution of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and other targeted groups over many hundreds of years.

The Nazi Holocaust was supported or condoned, and not prevented as soon as it could have been, to various degrees, by economic and political leaderships outside of Nazi Germany.  

The persecution, incarceration and appalling mistreatment of the Jews and other victims of the Nazi Holocaust, was all in various ways sustained in several ways for many years after the defeat of the Nazis, especially by the British. Specifically for example, Britain's leaders knew about the Nazi concentration camps, and could have destroyed them years before the end of the war, but chose not to. Britain also chose to keep Holocaust victims in prison camps and prison ships long after the war. Britain was responsible for the Palestine/Israel/Jewish debacle, whose desperate problems persist today. Britain invented concentration camps in the Boer War. 

Note: The 'information age' began around 1950 (enabled by the 2nd World War of 1939-45), and amplified and accelerated significantly in the 'Internet age' that became a global transformation starting in the 1990s/early 2000s. The 'dot-com' bubble of the 1990s might be regarded as a sort of false start or test, which provided the basis for the much bigger transition to digital technologies after the year 2000.


Do we make life hell, because we fear death, that is not?

Many are fearful; it's natural.

So immortality is sold to us by politicians and big business.

Drugs and addictions sustain the delusion.

Awareness opens the door to freedom.


When we understand that immortality is a delusion - a myth that we are sold - we become free to live, to love life, love everything, and love ourselves.

So we can live fearlessly and lovingly.

And help others understand, and grow to be fearless and loving too. 

Note: This post is subject to further revision, chiefly to improve readability, clarity and conciseness.

I welcome suggestions and comments.

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