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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 27 May 2020, 10:29 PM
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5G - Freedoms, Health, Planet, Humanity

Legal action against 5G

These are interesting times.

If there were a risk that life could become horrifically bad for you and the people you love, especially your children (if you have children), I imagine you would want to do what you could to understand the facts, and try to avert such a threat, if you believe a threat or risk could exist.

I firmly believe a very big threat exists.

My own perspective combines:

  • suicide - grief, ideation (wanting to die), attempting, surviving, helping others, rebirth;
  • anthropocene ('sixth extinction') - climate change, ecosystem and economic collapse, which means the end of all complex life on Earth;
  • death - especially denialism and fear, which to me seems to be the fuel and driver of the anthropocene (which I clarify refers to the near-term extinction of all life on Earth, except micro-organisms);
  • and the science and philosophy of life, universe and everything - that is, what is life, consciousness, reality, etc?

The launch of the UK legal action against 5G mobile internet technology, led by one of the most famous human rights lawyers in history, Michael Mansfield QC, is significant in all of the above from my standpoint and understanding of life, planet, future, etc.

I encourage everyone to engage with the subject, and if you are interested, then please donate and support the action. I have donated and plan to donate more. 

I support this action with all of my head, heart and soul.

The explanation on the website is very clear, backed by many serious experts.

All history proves that we cannot wholly trust governments and corporations.

Note that, as ever, governments and big corporations have huge control over what you see in the mainstream media. 

Note that governments and many big corporations, especially big tech, are extremely keen to make 5G happen as fast as possible. 

Please look and explore and form your own views:

I have good reason and insights to be enormously respectful and supportive towards Michael Mansfield, notably through our shared interests and different work in suicide.

There are many other reasons, implicit in my perspective above, that convince me we should all support this action. It concerns our freedoms and health, and the future of our planet and humanity.

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