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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 6:48 PM
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2020 Love

I noticed a few months ago that the year 2020 can be interpreted as the word 'Love'.

I believe in the power of positive messages, associations, and in the power of love.

I also believe that 2020 seems to be a time of awakenings and transitioning in quite big positive ways for humanity and life on Earth.

This developed into an idea that anyone could create their own interpretations of 2020/Love and share them.

This was before the coronavirus pandemic, when my thinking was focused on suicide prevention and climate/anthropocene (sixth extinction). It still is.

There is obviously very timely potential for the concept during the pandemic lockdowns and easings, especially for children and young people; although also for anyone with time and interest to create a 2020/Love image or artwork.

It's a very simple idea. There are no websites, or 'ownerships' of the idea.

I'm simply 'putting it out there', so make what you wish of it.  



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