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by Alan Chapman - Monday, 25 November 2019, 1:41 PM
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'Humanity's Phase Shift' (Daniel Schmachtenberger) and other thoughts, explanation, context...

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a philosopher, futurist, thought-leader, etc.

For some people this article will open new ways of thinking and living, and meaning and purpose beyond your wildest imaginings.

This is an important example of Daniel Schmachtenberger's work: 


Here's a short-link to to the video: 

Very significantly, there is not a 'standard' term to describe Daniel Schmachtenberger and his work.

This is because he and his work are emerging in completely unprecedented times, in completely unprecedented ways. There is no historical model by which to describe Daniel, nor what and how he is thinking and doing, nor how we might react to all that.

'Emergent' is perhaps the best short description I can imagine for Daniel and his work.

This is the same for countless other people (of all types working in all sorts of ways) increasingly emerging, with their work, as we try to make meaning and purpose of, and for, our own worlds, and of the wider world and universe.

The term 'our own worlds' here means how we each see, feel, interpret and sense in our own ways everything around us, and everything inside us.

This notion of 'our own worlds' is infinitely complex. And I mean actually genuinely infinitely complex.

'Our own worlds' are our individual 'intelligences' (our powers of thinking and being, i.e., existing).

'Our own worlds' are trilions of synaptic connections in our brain, inter-relating with trillions of sub-atomic particles/energies of our 'physical' bodies, in turn inter-relating with everyone and everything with whom/which we connect (which equates to the universe).

So imagine our own trillions x trillions,  x humanity's 7.5 billion people's x trillions x trillions, x everything in the universe. Infinite, do you see?.. 

Increasingly, we are connected with everything, because the world is connected now as never before, and this includes the universe, because for sure the solar and cosmic systems affect our environonment in every way imaginable, from the weather and the seasons, to the temperature and performance of the huge computer server 'farms' of the vast internet corporations that know more about us and all humanity than we know ourselves.

Importantly, we see and interpret and react to the world (including our 'self' and the universe), according to how we see and interpret and react to ourselves. 

The brief expression of this is that we see the world not how it is, but instead how we see ourselves.

Daniel Schmachtenberger explains in the video what is happening for humanity (and most other life on earth) and what we can do about it.

There is enormous hope. And we can each do something to help. We can each emerge more powerfully than we ever imagined possible.

When you watch and listen to the video, let it come to you. These are big concepts. Not many people will be able to understand everything that Daniel is saying, especially on first viewing. So watch it all and let your mind absorb it. Let it come to you, in your own ways.

Perhaps imagine the video is a piece of music or a life-changing book, or an incredible work of art, or a new recipe or dance. Because such things take time, and often such things require many experiences with them, for us to absorb and appreciate their true power, beauty, meaning, and what sense and change we want to make from the work.

Here's a short link to this article:

Go easy. We can do this.

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