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by Alan Chapman - Saturday, 29 August 2020, 3:49 PM
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Human Systems and Solutions

Humans are in many ways to clever for our own good. We build and support human systems, and innovations and organizations, that make life too easy.

We buy from corporations and political leaderships, addictive products, for our health and ease, and passive entertainment, so that we actually become less healthy, and the world, and we all, are exploited to sustain it all.

We get what we want. This is the purpose of systems of politics and economics: to give us what we want. And so to change things, we can simply want something different. And the systems will change. Because systems of economics and governance, basically do what the masses want, support, and tolerate. Since we began evolving from apes six million years ago, we tend to innovate more than we can assimilate (take in), understand, explain, teach, and use healthily. Healthily - individually, collectively, systemically, and for the planet's tolerances, to support humans, and other animal and plant life. 

Instead, humanity tends to use its innovations, to build increasingly big complex systems, and aids for living more easily, so that most people, given the opportunity, become addicted to, and conditioned by, human systems and aids, and lose awareness, knowledge, capability and will (desire and determination), to live more naturally, according to how we are designed to live by evolution.

For example, most people would choose to:

  • use electric tools instead of hand-tools,
  • use a car instead of walk, cycle, or run, or take public transport,
  • use pharmaceuticals and drugs instead of stay healthy naturally,
  • become dependent on alcohol, tobacco, or 'vaping',
  • become 'used' by social media and big tech, (which exploits and monetises our creativity, and harvests our private data to sell us things we don't need), 
  • be entertained passively (TV, movies, watching sports, etc) instead of creating and exercising themselves,
  • believe what's told to us by leaders, experts, big corporations and mainstream media, rather than think for ourselves, and research and discuss with others, independently of government/media 'spin'. 

And so humanity becomes used by the systems and innovations, rather than vice-versa, as it should be instead, that humans use the systems and innovations that humans create.

Big human systems tend not to work well or survive. They become self-defeating, because the efforts required to sustain the systems, and to protect its leaderships, become more demanding, and so distorting and distracting, and work against the changing needs of the system, in its intention to innovate and deliver better qualities of life.

Big human systems of any sort all collapse

 - whether empires and civilisations, 

 - or corporations or religions.

Even the vast systems of the planet and universe, are cycles of development and collapse. And so how crazy it is for humanity to imagine it can sustain anything. And so from time to time there is a disintegration or collapse, because the systems and humanity within them reach a point of precarious optimisation. So that because the systems that we've allowed to use us, and run out of control, are liable to crash when something fails, or puts intolerable stress on the system. And the bigger the system, the bigger the collapse.

The Solution

The solution to our dependence on systems that could crash, and actually which have been crashing for decades in parts of the world, and also globally in the 2020 pandemic, is to stop using the systems so much; stop using the addictive aids for an easy life so much; and instead live more thoughtfully, kindly, lovingly - to ourselves and everyone else. And if in doubt, refer to how we are evolved and designed to live, over six million years, instead of accepting the false realities, of the systems we've built in the past 500 years, and especially the aids for easy living of the past 50 years.

Big human systems and aids for an easier life, do not wholly actually help us live healthily and peacefully.

Wars and climate change, famines, diseases, and locally, everywhere, illnesses of the modern age, ravage and kill people.

See the digital holocaust.

It's all connected. So just as systems grow to be catastrophically precarious, because everything is connected, so how we live, can be made sustainable and healthy again, if we each do our little bit, to live more like we are evolved and designed. And we can build peace and cooperation into this new world. As never before. Because we now understand how.

We have an extraordinary opportunity, to choose the best, of how we've evolved, and the innovations we've made, to make a new sustainable and healthy peaceful world.



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