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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 4 August 2021, 4:02 PM
Anyone in the world

human strength

There are many definitions of strength.

Perhaps we can understand the meaning of human strength more helpfully.

Is strength seen in vulnerability or bullying?

Is strength most likely in those who've experienced trauma, or in those who've never exerienced any hardship?

Is human strength a positive helpful human characteristic, or an unhelpful maladustment?

Is a person who's lost an eye or a leg or a child stronger than someone who's never experienced a loss like that?

Is strength in the mind or body?

Is money and authority strength?

Is the capability to withstand torture and deprivation strength?

Is the tree that's clung for years to the cliff edge in storms stronger than any tree that's lived always sheltered, supported and fed?

evolutionary designed strength

Consider the evolutionary strength of women.

For most of humankind's existence, many thousands of years, women very frequently died in childbirth.

Can any man possibly be designed and evolved to be this strong?

Personally I can't imagine that any man can be.

women and men


'women and men'

'men and women'

Is the ordering of 'men and women' indicative of anything?

Are wars mostly made by women or men?

Are men or women most likely to try to cooperate rather than conflict?

Is strength required for the vulnerability required to try to cooperate?

vulnerability and cooperation

Gabor Maté, the deep teacher of healers, says that men are in awe of women.

I agree with him.

To me this explains why wealthy men in authority abuse and patronise women.

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