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by Alan Chapman - Saturday, 3 October 2020, 4:56 PM
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Global Fix

The Seawater Greenhouse is one example of many that can fix all the problems facing humanity and planet, except perhaps humanity's ignorance and apathy.

The slide is from this incredibly powerful Seawater Greenhouse presentation in 2015: 

Humanity's ignorance and apathy tend always to lag behind our innovations - which enables organizational self-destruction in the hands of deluded leadership - through wars, famines, economic upheavals, etc. 

There is no shortage of solutions to fixing our 'human planet' (the Anthropocene).

There is a shortage of awareness and action among all people - especially in the 'free' democratic world - to force politicians and corporations to fix things rather than wreck things. 

We are too clever for our own good.

We are unconsciously incompetent, and must first become aware of our challenges, before we change.  

Fire can burn us or help feed us and keep us warm.

Big technology can unify and enable cooperation globally, or it can divide, confuse, frighten and exploit us.

Media can educate or brainwash.

All humankind's innovations can be used for good or bad purposes.

It's not corporate leaders and politicians who decide what use to make of technology and other inventions, its all the people  - all of us - who buy and vote for the ways innovations are used.

If we want a better life for everyone on the planet, we can have it, if we think about it and make it happen.

If we leave things to politicians and corporations then they will tend to make daft decisions, and even more so in modern times, because technology is moving faster than the ability of leaderships to understand its effects. 

"Power to the people," is a little in accurate, as a maxim for changing, surviving and thriving as a species - because people already have the power; the crucial point is whether people use the power that they - we all - use the power that we have.  

Politicians and corporations will do as people want. That's their purpose.

Think about it.

The Seawater Greenhouse

I've known the visionary genius Charlie Paton since 1989, around when he first developed the Seawater Greenhouse concept.

It's now proven and working on a vast scale - and also proven and working on a tiny scale - in many parts of the world facing the most challenging problems of climate, and the other globally destructive potentially obliterating threats shown on Charlie's 2015 presentation slide above.

The Seawater Greenhouse is one of many examples of ways to fix the planet and get humanity out of the mess it's now in.

Here's a fabulous Seawater Greenhouse presentation from 19 Sep 2020 - starting 14mins - after the brilliant bamboo architecture.  


And incidentally is the best mechanism (that I've ever seen) for directing politicians and corporations towards global fix solutions like the Seawater Greenhouse, rather than to maintaining the systems and thinking that got us into the situation that threatens our future so seriously.

It's up to all of us.



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