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by Alan Chapman - Thursday, 5 August 2021, 5:04 PM
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ethical leadership story

Stories help us to understand, learn and teach, in very profound and powerful ways. 

See for example the works of Graham Williams, an expert storytelling and compassionate leadership

Graham's teachings are international, educationally advanced, and brilliantly researched and referenced.

the story

There was once a land where babies were born without trauma, and then parented and taught without trauma.

All these babies and children were born fearless, loving, vulnerable, and trusting.

None of them needed to understand life and death, nor their purpose or meaning in the universe and everything.

They simply lived and grew naturally, according to their pure-born passions and potential.

They were parented and taught to continue to believe that being fearless, loving, vulnerable and trusting, is all good, and because everyone grew up like this, the land and all its people were peaceful, and fearless, loving, vulnerable and trusting.

You see, everyone was like that, and so no-one was fearful, nor insecure, and so no-one tried to acquire more than they needed, and everyone was happy to share.

People cooperated and helped each other.

Everyone learnt how to help when other people got sick, or injured, or when people died.

If anyone felt upset, plenty of people would offer support, until the upset feelings went, as happens when people are given time and support to heal.

Everyone knew that humans do not live for ever, and their fearlessness meant that they were not afraid of death, because their parents and teachers showed them that death is natural - that everyone dies - and so by accepting this, everyone could concentrate on living peacefully and lovingly, rather than fearfully.

This is our land

This land is our land, if we want to make it so.

We are making it so by understanding that trauma is the cause of fear and addictions.

That fear and addictions fuel our systems of governance and economics, that divide us and enslave us.

It is not just the wealthy elite who exploit and enslave us. We all do it to ourselves. We are all part of this crazy human system, that's built on fear and insecurity, rather than fearless love and vulnerability.

Fear and addictions have caused humanity to become slaves to systems that hurt us all and the planet that simply wants to sustain us.

The story has a happy ending, because we are all now learning how to be fearless and loving, and how we can bring babies into the world without trauma, and how to parent children to believe they are already perfect and there's no need to try to be someone else, nor to try to explain to other people how to live and be.

We are all learning to be humble and grateful, and that we have abundance already, free from addictions.

We are all learning that we can love ourselves, and so this enables the love for others and everything.

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