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by Alan Chapman - Friday, 2 April 2021, 6:45 PM
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death is irresistible

'Death is irresistible' has many different meanings.

To most people perhaps it's a simple uncomfortable statement of the obvious.

To most people, probably, it's not immediately uplifting or helpful to contemplate death at all.  

exploring 'death' and what it actually means, is a doorway to peace and freedom

I think about death a lot.

Here's why....

The opposite of fear is love.

The title 'death is irresistible' emerged for me a few minutes ago after I thought and then began to write:

"The closeness to death that I increasingly feel is now becoming euphorically intoxicating."

I now offer media/entertainment warning, often parodied: 

"Don't try this at home."

That's a joke.

We should laugh about death.

If you want to 'try this at home', then please do, especially with like-minded friends who enjoy a good laugh.

And be careful with alcohol and drugs.

They are not called mind-altering for nothing :)

Let's talk about death...

It's perhaps insensitive that I write these words, so that anyone might read them.

I obviously think it's not.

If you've read this far you are interested.

You can stop reading any time.

More importantly: 

Why should I not try to demystify and debunk some myths and taboos that cause and enable the enslavement and ravaging of many billions of people?

the fearful taboos of death are killing billions :) 

As a species, humankind now lives in vast populations that are absolutely petrified of dying.

Frightened to death actually, given that over a third of all human deaths globally are premature and preventable.

And so also, obviously, people are extremely concerned about the idea of being ill or injured, because this is perceived entirely wrongly as a step towards dying.

This is across cities and nations of of tens and hundreds of millions of people, and much larger populations of billions gathered by technologies.  

Not everyone of course is frightened to death by death, but mostly people are, it seems to me.

And is proven by the causes of death globally, and in all nations. 

And yet mostly we teach that death is taboo and unspeakably fearful to our children and each other.

And we do not object when this is brainwashed into our children by our education system and the marketing forces of governments and big corporations and banks.

As parents and teachers we mostly say to children:

"Be careful."

"You'll fall, get down."

Don't eat that it's dirty."

"Take this medicine."

And we buy chemicals and sanitise.

We clean everything far too much, including ourselves and our clothes.

Our houses are too warm and sterile.

And all this is a much bigger step, often very difficult to reverse, to our dying.

We make ourselves weak and ill because we do not trust our bodies and our millions of years of evolution to keep us well.

And incidentally each of us is dying from the moment we are conceived.

Get used to it, or be fearful for as long as you want. Your choice. 

Mostly these days people choose to be fearful of being ill and dying, and so they design their thinking and parenting around these fears.

Imagine you are a forester and your job is to grow strong resilient trees.

Would you keep them in a sheltered greenhouse and shower them with pesticide for ever?

And so why are people - we are living creatures - any different?


How do we become strong and resilient?

By sheltering, and sterilising our environment, and medicating ourselves with chemicals?

I think not.

What do you think?

What do you think is best for your children?

What, also do you think is best for our planet and wildlife?

Our trees and oceans, and mountains and fields, and birds and bees, our rivers and the air that we breathe?

Natural, or sterile?

Natural, or chemicals? 

Natural, or choked and polluted with our waste.

Because we cannot keep consuming and wasting for ever.

Or do you think we can?

What sort of a world do you want for our children, and their children?

What sort of a world do you want for our fellow humans?

People with souls and dreams and love and beauty, just like you.


And yet generations ago we became willing prey to governments and big business and bankers who have always conspired to enslave and harvest our labours, property, land, and nowadays our thoughts and prayers.

We have largely lost the wisdom that dirt and bacteria, and illness and injuries, are how we become strong and develop natural immunity.

death and life-phase...

It is reasonable for young people raising families that they do not love the idea of dying, or not being alive any longer, because in this young life-phase we are not genetically evolved to feel very comfortable with our own dying; or we would not have evolved at all.

But actually most people are far more afraid of death than is warranted.

Interestingly very small children are not as fearful of death and death discussion as older people and most parents of small children.

And so what happens when they ask questions about death?

What happens when a child asks to go to a funeral?

Many people now live their entire life and never see a dead body.

Certainly many people will never touch or kiss a dead body.

Why is this? 

And so mostly what happens when children ask questions about death?

Of course.

I don't need to answer that question, because you just did. 

And this transfer of taboo and fear from parent or teacher to child, establishes a foundational fear of dying, and a taboo, that becomes so powerful, that it is worse than death itself.

One of the interesting consequences of this is that old people are kept alive long after their viable living years, by the fearful systems we have created, so that banks and big business take people's houses and savings from them.

Think about it.

Think about the life insurance and pensions industries.

If they were such a good idea for us all, it's interesting that these industries are so extraordinarily profitable.

Who is benefiting from the business model? 

What is driving the profit?

Fear of being ill.

Fear of dying.


What good do we do being frightened of dying?

And in passing and amplifying this fearful taboo to our children?

This serves only to reinforce our fears as an evolving species - all humanity to come - to increase our denialism (as if death only happens to other people), and spread this view of death to others while we live.

And die.

When is the time to say, "Oh, okay, yes, I now accept that people die. I will die. I embrace and love the freedom that will come by my acknowledging this fearful taboo. And I will teach and show this to my children and my friends, because this will help to free humanity."

Or something like that :)

Or do you prefer the idea of being kept alive in a vegetative state for years, and your house and savings taken from your family to pay for such misery, because no one had the courage to say, "It's okay, we die."

And then we can say proper goodbyes and thank yous, and the dying people can get to know how much they were loved (when like most of us they had no idea), instead of all the lovely words about them only being voiced too late at funerals, usually by some well-meaning clergyperson, because the family members are still in such deep shock, that their loved one actually died :)

Funerals should be celebrations. Not profit festivals for big funeral corporations. Because nobody dared ask to do it in a more loving natural way.

Ask yourself, do you live more happily by imagining that you and your loved ones are immortal?

Or would you rather take a step towards fearlessness and freedom and being able to show others that you can laugh about your own dying. 

and for the fearful who love me..

I must reassure anyone reading this, that for me now, my thinking and imagining my own dying and death, is not a precursor to actual suicide.

I have 'been there and done that'.

I know very well how to drive my particular roller-coaster.

It's not your responsibility to 'save' or to 'fix' me.

I'm perfectly okay. Fearless and free.

death and liberating the soul, mind, body...

And so I am increasingly joyful to be liberated from the fear of dying, and the longing for being dead when my time comes.

Fearlessness is not carelessness.

I cherish my life and all life, except the lives of some extraordinarily dangerous people who IMHO should be kept in secure accommodation, after being processed by the courts.    

Psychopathic politicians and deranged business-people come to mind.

Would you like to be free and responsible for your own health and life?

Or do you want to trust politicians and bankers and wealthy business leaders with it?

Fear has been used for centuries by leaderships to control people.

The opposite of fear is love.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I can assure anyone interested in this subject, that growing and learning to love one's own intimate nearness to the realities of our dying, is (for me) the key to freedom and bliss, and lots else that people search for via the many other paths to 'enlightenment', self-love, self-knowledge, and love and peace.

If you want any pointers please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

Love and peace,


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