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Coronavirus - Societal Health, Suicide and Leadership

Suicide is the most challenging and complex aspect of human leadership.

So to understand human leadership, we must understand suicide, and educate others about suicide.

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing everything beyond imagination, very quickly and unpredictably.

Such deep fast uncontrollable change is traumatic and can be life-threatening.

Leaders, existing and emerging, must learn how to make sense of all this.

If societal health - emotional and physical - breaks down, so does everything else.

Conversely, if societies are well, healthy and resilient, then everyone can be okay.

This presentation is an example of best practice for suicide prevention in disaster situations, with particular reference/adaptation for the CV19 pandemic.

(Prof Cirecie West-Olatunji, Xavier University of Louisiana, at the Mental Health Academy's international suicide prevention conference 21-22 Mar 2020.)

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