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by Alan Chapman - Saturday, 11 January 2020, 3:22 PM
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Copious (Connus Addictus)

Art, poetry, song, nature, and ancient wisdoms, help convey meaning.

I wrote the song 'Copious (Connus Addictus)' below last year (2019) about the Anthropocene (the sixth extinction). It's an attempt to convey meaning, and to prompt thinking and emergent helpful change. Fun and hope too.

The words of Copious 'emerged', rather than it being a wholly conscious creative process, although I worked very hard to refine it over a few weeks, especially to make it work well as a song. I could easily argue that the words have taken all of my 62 years to emerge.

Without the music, Copious is like a poem.

As a song it's more engaging and involving, and powerful, as songs tend to be, for many reasons.

A song can be shared like a story. A song engages lots of our senses, and moves us, literally, perhaps to dance, or sing along, or tap fingers or feet.

The more of our senses that engage with a communication or work, the more we might be moved by it; to think or feel, to absorb and adapt, to share, to learn and grow, etc.

Copious is quite a complex piece of writing, and creativity. It is from my soul, to others, potentially at the level of the soul. 

You can make of it what you want.

For example Copious contains lots of deliberate ambiguities (double-meanings), which exploit creative language/writing devices such as puns and homophones. 

Incidentally Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor/author/philosopher, made use of the extraordinary power of ambiguity in the deeply powerful statement "God made man because he loves stories". (From the introduction to his 1966 book/novel, The Gates of the Forest.)  "God made man because he loves stories," is deeply powerful, and perhaps a basic truth, in many ways. 

'Homophones' are different words which sound the same - such as 'piece' and 'peace' - see 'heteronyms, heterophones, heterographs, homonyms, homophones, homographs - explanatory matrix' in the Businessballs Language/Grammar/Literary Terms Glossary).

English is a particularly rich language for these creative writing opportunities, mainly probably, because English has evolved from, and retains, many words from several different languages, notably:

  • ancient Gaelic and similar (for example Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Cornish),
  • 'Old English' from Anglo-Saxon/Germanic,
  • significantly the Latin-based Norman French, from the Norman invasion and deep 'top-down' cultural/social/political influences from 1066 onwards (Robin Hood is a wonderful story by which to appreciate these effects at a basic level),
  • a much smaller amount of Latin/Roman, from about 2,000 years ago (note that the Romans did not colonize Britain, nor even England, and certainly like the Normans they did not truly conquer Scotland, Wales, and Ireland) - basically the Romans left, whereas the Normans stayed,
  • some Norse from the Viking invasions and occupations, about 1,200 years ago. 
  • and the more recent and increasing diversity of the English language, due to English being one of the world's main languages of science and governance (for example in aviation and law), and this extends to the 'Americanisation' of English. Or should that be Americanization?  : )   (I will in future publish a different song already written about emojis... I think it's gr8.)

English is not the only language to contain such richness, but it is my own native language, and it is one of the most richly diverse and dynamic adaptive languages of the world.

'Connus Addictus', the subtitle, is 'Faux Latin', which is English made to seem like actual Latin, also called Dog Latin, Cod Latin, Mock Latin, and similar alternatives. Faux Latin is also an ironic reference to the power, often abused, of complex words and 'upper-class' or 'highly educated' accents and language, for example by politicians and others seeking to exert or maintain positions of authority. This illusion of superiority is a big different subject for another day.

My word 'parapetic' in the song below is 'made-up' by me, to mean 'daring to put one's head above the parapet', which is based on the old metaphor from medieval battle; a parapet being a low defensive wall or earthwork, often depicted in the form or a 'crenelated' wall on castles and towers ("Crenellation: rectangular gaps or indentations at intervals in the parapet, the gaps being called embrasures or crenels, and the intervening high parts being called merlons..." - from Wikipedia).  

I digressed.

I hope to give you the audio song version later in 2020, and a video too.

'Copious' is part of my emerging work that perhaps I can offer to audiences: some sort of adaptable performance or experience, enabling quite deep audience involvement.

For now, here are the words of the song, as a poem. 

Here's a link to the Copious song sheet with chords, on the Rude Angel website, which maybe will become a bigger part of my work.

 If you are interested in the vocal melody and full song please ask me.

All that said/written, I am a simple man, just trying to help.

Copious (Connus Addictus) – Alan Chapman (2019)

A horse and a rider, to a plane train driver

A future we can't predict and though we think we can the past we can't measure it

A bridge in the clouds... And that ridge in your brow (it's Neanderthal)

Can the wisdom of crowds... Save and redeem us now.......

We've been too clever, we've got too many.. It's illusory this ten-a-penny

And all your toys and jobs for the boys, if we haven't a planet then we haven't any thing

A bridge in the clouds... And that ridge in your brow (it's Neanderthal)

Can the wisdom of crowds... Save and redeem us now.......

The real estate, peace rate, is the farms need weeding and there's people are bleeding

Denialism cataclysm nihilism prison for the parapetic sensitive and victims

Should we all fight and row... Not see the threat is right now (it really is upon us)

The delusion of clowns (connus addictus) … Or can we... instead... make a future that's ours..

So the H2O and DNA... That's you and me and them and they

And the quark and spark and light and dark and we're all immigrants with the same human heart

A bridge in the clouds... And that ridge in your brow (it's Neanderthal)

Can the wisdom of crowds... Save and redeem us now.......

And pay per tiger firefighter greater nature lover lighter

Eater meater reader made a volume heavy metal feeder

Of the human race that cannot watch its face, we gotta get

Outa this place, say the billionaires in their bunkers and denialists in their fearful disunited states..

So let's uplift inspire educate and edify instead of standing by and scarify and lie and

Walls have ears, ten thousand years, our rainfall tears and searing sunshine

That will burn unless we learn (pretty soon / learn, learn learn)

The life we've spurned, you see it's about being human, authentically, human again, and make a better world..

Now we all can be a real life saver... Be a social mediator

A plant a tree adopt a wasp a bee a fly it's got to be emergent see

Yeah that's how it grows... 'Cos the universe knows... The highs and the lows... And so it goes...

(Alan Chapman, 2019)


Thank you for reading and imagining.

What we imagine, we make real, I believe.



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