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by Alan Chapman - Thursday, 21 May 2020, 4:33 PM
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Comedy and Education

Lauris Beinerts is a producer of brilliant comedy that shows how we can use entertainment and arts such as comedy to engage and educate people.

There is a particular beauty in addressing an extremely vast and challenging subject in ways that make people smile and laugh, while also enabling engagement with the meanings and implications for ourselves, and being educated and uplifted.   

There is also enormous power in communicating with people on the basis that people are capable of highly sophisticated thinking and personal growth, much of which happens unconsciously. 

As you will see, Beinerts, like many creatives, is years ahead of his time in understanding the failings of the human systems and biases that we have created and continue to tolerate and support, collectively, globally.

Unfortunately for many years, entertainment has been hijacked by forces that mostly use it for self-serving purposes (to sell things we don't need, and to maintain and reinforce systems that harm most people and enrich very few). 

We must be aware of this, and be vigilant and questioning where this happens. Propoganda, political spin, and cynical advertising, sponsorships, etc., are all common ways that entertainment is used to distort public perceptions about what is healthy for people and planet. Tobacco advertising in sport is an obvious example from recent history. Gambling sponsorship of sport is a modern example. Such distortions ravage and impoverish millions. Other examples, especially in diet, lifestyle, pollution, etc., kill many millions globally.   

Beinerts offers wonderful example for those of us who are aware about, and active in, the need for positive cooperative transformation in our world. 

Note: This is my interpretation and extension of Beinherts' work - i.e., to the future of humanity and life on Earth, which is consistent with my work on suicide and anthropocene (although my experience of similar creativity is that these sorts of artists all tend to understand life and death very deeply).  




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