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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 10:30 AM
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Climate Emergency COP25 Madrid

If you want to understand Climate Change/Emergency, this video is released today 11 Dec 2019 from COP25 Madrid (the annual UN climate change conference). This is a very clear accessible up-to-date presentation. UPFSI is underpinned by 11,000 scientists globally.

Many more brilliant Climate Change videos at the UPFSI channel:

UPFSI - - is the United Planet Faith & Science Initiative, founded by many of the world's most respected faith and science leaders.

See also: - this is the organisation founded by Stuart Scott, also representing 11,000 scientists, all in agreement about the Climate Emergency.

People anywhere considering government elections and political leaderships might find the above information helpful in understanding deeper issues about life and priorities, and especially the need for co-operation, to fix all this. We can fix it, easily, if we all work together. It ain't rocket science; it's really very simple. 

Incidentally offers a model for how we co-operate globally.

Love to all.

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