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2020 Emergent Cooperation and the Christmas Truce

2020 is the start of a new age of cooperation, forgiveness and working together.

Humanity naturally cooperates. It's how we've evolved; by cooperating.

Cooperation is deep and natural in all of us. 

Here's evidence - a beacon for our times:

The Christmas Truce

The First World War was the deadliest in human history in numbers of people killed. 

And as we face a bigger threat now in the Anthropocene, we can see evidence all around us, and must remind ourselves, of humanity's natural urge and ability to cooperate, instead of fight. 

Humanity has evolved to be powerfully central in the world and universe, because we have cooperated, rather than fought each other, since we climbed down from the trees six million years ago. 

We all possess this tendency: to love and forgive; to make peace not war. 

To use our incredible increasing creativity, ingenuity, and technologies to make a better world, rather than to destroy it and ourselves. We are 'the wisdom of crowds'.

We can celebrate and draw on this deep quality of being human - to love, make friends not enemies, to respect each other, to work together - everyone - instead of blaming, holding grudges, or demonizing people different to ourselves.

We each have an equal right to a good life on Earth, and we can make this happen.

And importantly, we can show our leaders that this is how we want to live, rather than to fight and blame.

The Christmas Truce

In the first Christmas of the 1914-18 First World War, Christmas 1914, soldiers who had been killing each other in the battlefield trenches of the Western Front in Europe, met and became friends for Christmas.

Humankind's greatest natural tendency and evolved quality is to love and cooperate, to build a better world and better life for us all, and everything that this implies. 

We all - all human beings - have a natural leaning towards friendship rather than hostility.

And this is the emerging new age for humanity. A new age of cooperation and harmony.

To love, forgive, cooperate, to work together, and to show our leaders that this is the world we want. 

We can make this happen, and our leaders will follow.

Love to all


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