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by Alan Chapman - Tuesday, 25 August 2020, 4:48 PM
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This article further extends/explains the digital holocaust .

2020 is clear proof of failing leadership, globally. Leadership of politics, economies, big business, and all institutions of society. UK leadership failings are worse than anywhere.  Here's the fundamental explanation, that also shows how to fix it.

The Making of Them - TV documentary

Please take 40 minutes to watch this profoundly important documentary.

All of this work below, is fundamental to understanding how we save humanity from itself: specifically how we are governed, by whom, and their catastrophic failings, and our responsibility to understand, and think for ourselves, to question the systemic exploitations and destructions of people and planet by medieval leaderships.

The Making of Them documentary:

Youtube: – The Making of Them (Vimeo)

This features Nick Duffell's work, which is highly significant for modern times, for example his 2014 book Wounded Leaders and his collaboration with Simpol (Simultaneous Policy, global).

Made in 1993, the documentary predicts and explains the failures of modern UK politics, economics, and how society is organised. And all of this is exported and copied globally. And is central to the incompetence, arrogance, failures, delusions, media and propaganda, of UK political, economic, and institutional leadership. The thinking and practice, of the UK elite educational system is literally medieval.

It produced the psychopathic leaders, who created and led the British Empire, British Imperialism, the African slave trade, and many other ravagings and killings, of millions, becoming billions, of people, and the destruction of other life on Earth.

And this is the ladder that many aspire to climb.

Brainwashed to believe the myths we are sold, by the wealthy powerful few, who become more wealthy and powerful, through the exploitation and suffering, a nd addictions and acceptance, and unhealthy adaptations, and fears and misplaced trust, or unheard protests,  of everyone else. 

And on the ladder, of aspiration to false promises, are the middle-ranks, who become the unwitting ghetto-managers, like the Nazi holocaust was organised. Read about it and you will see the shocking similarities.

Except today, it is a digital holocaustwhere technologies and big pharma, and pollutions and inequalities, fat, salt, sugar, chemicals and waste, tobacco and alcohol, are the gas-chambers. So that 25 million die each year, that's 40% of all deaths globally, because of this systemic madness.

Because of medieval leadership, that is not fit for modern times. And this thinking and practice continues and accelerates and increases, to prevail and dominate, to brainwash and condition. And we buy the news and media, and populate the platforms that sell our privacy,  our thoughts, and our souls, our every action, to the corporate machine, sustained by medieval politics and leaderships.

Johnson, Cameron, Blair, and ministers of their governments, and globally, similar replica governance, of institutions and media, and big business, and the more powerful wealthy, the oligarchs and media moguls are all made by this British elite model, of education and privilege.

And the generational brainwashing, and censorship of truth, and hijacking of language.

The foundations of broken leadership

Boarding schools are the feed into elite education, which is the path to privileged leadership, wealth and power. Boarding schools are the stunting of humanity, the start of the maladjustment, of modern leaders, just like hundreds of years ago. The UK pattern is from boarding school, to Eton, and then Oxford/Cambridge, and this is replicated by other UK institutions, and globally. And the culture of privilege, power, wealth, and the conditioning of societies - that this is acceptable and normal - is exported and copied globally too. And those who don't attend, aspire to these maladjusted, psychopathic, emotionally bankrupt,  broken leadership ideals. The bullies and the sycophants.

The ghetto-managers.

Nick Duffell's work is more relevant today than ever.

The brainwashing and conditioning of leaders, political, economic, institutional. The brainwashing and conditioning of society, by those authorities and media. The distortions that shape our modern world, self-wrecking humanity. The myth of 'wealth creation', which benefits only  the wealthiest few, and their paid unquestioning managers, at the cost of everyone else.

The Anthropocene.

Coronavirus is just a taste.

See also Nick Duffell's 2014 book Wounded Leaders, and his collaboration with John Bunzl, founder/author of Simpol, and Simpol book - Simultaneous Policy, global, to save humankind from destroying itself, and most other life on Earth, the Anthropocene.

Nick Duffell's profoundly brilliant 2014 book Wounded Leaders

and his collaboration with John Bunzl's Simpol (Simultaneous Policy, global).

Importantly related:

– 'Boarding schools create bereaved abused children who lack empathy and then run the country' – 2017 TV news report featuring journalist, author and ex-boarder ('boarding schools survivor') Alex Renton, after his book 'Stiff Upper Lip'. Also features Professor Joy Schaverien, expert on boarding schools and their creation of damaged sociopathic leaders in politics, economics, and other institutions of societal and planetary governance, author of Boarding School Syndrome.

– Professor Joy Schaverien – interview April 2020 – discussing the Coronavirus lockdown and how this relates to her psychological/societal work on boarding school syndrome and its effects of health and wider life. Includes references to Joy Schaverien's ABCD model: abandonment, bereavement, captivity, dissociation. The parallels are highly revealing and significant. 

Note: It is very important that the female spirit now leads us. Not women pretending to be men. Women who can shift leadership to compassion and empathy, away from male psychopathy and narcissism.  

All of this work is fundamental to understanding how we save humanity from itself. And what we might do to fix it. First we must question and talk.

Specifically question how we are governed, by whom - these broken childlike fearful insecure bullying men -  and question how we expand our responsibility to understand and think for ourselves, to question the systemic exploitations and destructions of people and planet by medieval leaderships.

If you are interested in being part of educating and enabling independent thinking and questioning of how we can fix the destructive ways in which we are governed, simply start questioning and talking about it all.

Think for yourself. 



P.S. I was fortunate not to attend boarding school, nor to go to Eton or university. Instead I was taught at a boys-only secondary school, that copied the culture and aspirations of the Etonian model, and it distorted  my thinking and beliefs profoundly, until I began to read and learn later in life, about England's/Britain's shameful history, and England's/Britian's shocking legacy, now more powerfully threatening than ever, via the leadership culture and generational brainwashing persisting today in the 'information age' - the digital holocaust.

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