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by Alan Chapman - Sunday, 10 January 2021, 6:10 PM
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Bias - futures and universes

"English names continue to be a fundamental hidden bias in the leadership and following of global systems."


This article is about understanding yourself and what is real.

It's also about the deepest possible growth, which is ultimately about life, death, universe and everything :) 

And how to cascade this to others, and so on.

People can make their own sense of it all.

All that leaders need to do is open doors and plant seeds.


Bias - meaning and definitions

Bias refers to distortions of truth and reality.

A modern political term for bias is 'spin'.

More deeply this means the educational/political/economic/societal/media conditioning that warps our perceptions of everything, especially of ourselves.

In more detail, bias means a prejudice or influence acting upon how something is interpreted, understood, conveyed, etc. Bias is also a verb, meaning to apply a bias.

According to my 1933 OED (Oxford English Dictionary) the word bias was first recorded in English in 1530, and its origins are not known. Its format suggests Latin, from Greek.

Originally in English, and implicitly prior, presumably European, bias refers also to 'oblique', a cut across the texture of a fabric, and the bulging/heavier side of a bowl used in the throwing/rolling ball games played on grass or carpet (the bias causes the bowl to roll in a curved line).

Bias in our views of life and everything, including oneself 

Here are some examples of bias in life and everything, including our views about ourselves:

Our education brainwashes and conditions us.

Our parents do the same. They do their best, but they condition us, and we do it to our own children.

Friends, society, governments and media do the same.

Advertising and psychological propaganda use bias. 

This has all become increasingly sophisticated since the first big empires of ancient Greece and Rome, and far more powerful during the industrial revolution, especially after the technological advancements in printing and publishing.

The Nazi Holocaust demonstrated very clearly how entire nations can be persuaded to adopt the most horrific 'democratic' and 'legal' policies and actions. Hitler was elected and supported democratically and his policies and warring and genocides were enabled by the vast majority.  

So too before this the slave trade was grown and sustained by biased justifications and incentives. 

During all these times - certainly for the past 2,500 years  - bias has subjugated the 'feminine spirit', so that billions of people globally now have distorted confused  - and often violently conflicting - ideas about 'equality' and 'feminist' injustices and ideas.

We can say the same about racism and religious attitudes too.

Bias and language


Bias in language and the meaning of words, and bias in the use of semiotics and other methods of influencing attitudes/feelings (for example in political communications, corporate advertising/sponsorship/marketing, and videos, movies, mainstream/social media) is highly significant because this is how people's beliefs are influenced after formal education in childhood and youth.

Again it's important to note that our views of ourselves are hugely significant in determining how we view everything externally. Consider how our views alter when we've taken alcohol, or coffee, or we are in grief, or depressed, etc. Everything can seem different, depending on how we feel inside our heads.

And so, 

"English names continue to be a fundamental hidden bias in the leadership and following of global systems."




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